Friday, October 1, 2010

Running Update

Bob kicks my a@@! Rich went back to work full time this week so the bambina and I have been doing our morning runs alone. Which means that I have no one to push Bob and I'm not brave enough to rig him up to a dog harness yet Snow Dog style so I have to push. I love the stroller. It's nice and fancy and has great shocks and rolls easily, etc. I hate pushing the darn thing. It's heavy, and Lucy is only 4 months old! There are a couple of small hills we run regularly and it takes all my effort to get us both up them. At least it should make for easier runs and races when I'm strollerless. It feels great to be back running regularly again, and to feel improvements in my endurance and strength as the days go by. The marathon is not until March but I have to keep reminding myself that these shorter midweek runs are building the fitness base that is essential to crossing that finish line.

We've got a 6 miler for this weekend which will be the longest I've run in over a year. My plan is to just take it slow and get the mileage in, even if that means walking some of it. Hopefully we'll leave Lucy with my mom or Rich will be the designated Bob pusher.

I am loving being back in the blog community and catching up with all of you. Here's to racing season!


Kim said...

The stroller training is going to make you come back even stronger! Good luck with the 6-miler!

Alisa said...

Dang, I can barely get myself up hills. I couldn't imagine pushing a stroller too.

All those midweek runs you do with the stroller will pay off when you run solo or make rich push the stroller on the weekends.

Lindsay said...

lol too funny. at least it (most likely) won't snow down there so you won't actually be snow-sledding. but yeah pushing a stroller seems tough. just think, upper body + lower body + cardio all in one!

Abby said...

I was running with a friend and her little guy last year, and 'borrowed' the Bob for a mile to try it out. It was hard work!! I was blown away by how much more effort it took, even on flat, smooth terrain. More power to you - it'll definitely make you a stronger runner.

Megan said...

It takes time to get used to running with bob. I have a double bob. And since I don't run with them in the summer, I get out of practice. Takes me a few runs to get back. Plus, they forget that they need to let mommy alone to run.