Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Recap with Pics

We had a whirlwind weekend to New Orleans, but it was a great time and I loved getting to visit with my high school girlfriends. We flew out of Little Rock Friday morning and got to NOLA around noon. We hit up the hotel bar, and I had a dirty martini and a cheese quesadilla. It was heavenly! It was strange to be able to eat and drink whatever I wanted for a couple days without worrying about Lucy getting an upset stomach. I had cheese, ice cream, crabcakes, bananas foster...all things I love but wouldn't have been able to eat if I were nursing her. The downside to not nursing for over 48 hours was that I was attached to this stupid thing every couple hours:

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, and we went to bed really early afterwards since we hadn't gotten much sleep the night before and had to get up to run. Saturday morning we got up, had some coffee and headed out for our 8 miler. It was a great run and we loved running in a new city. There were lots of Ewwww moments though as we sidestepped to avoid things like vomit, condoms and broken beer bottles. New Orleans is such a beautiful city, but the 24/7 partying that goes on does take a toll on certain areas. It was so much fun to see the city on foot and I know I'll always remember that particular run whenever I think of NOLA. We got our 8 miles done, then hung out in the hotel lobby watching college football all afternoon.

The wedding itself was gorgeous and perfect. The bride was beautiful, the weather was just right, and everyone had a great time. Our shuttle back to the airport picked us up at 3:55 am Sunday morning so didn't end up going out after the wedding.

It was really nice to have some time away for Rich and I to hang out sans baby, but we were so happy to walk through the door and see her face. I was afraid she wouldn't want to nurse after having the bottle for a couple days since the milk flows easier from a bottle but she was just as happy to see me as I was to see her and she nursed great.

Here I am with my new dark hair!

Me and the hubby

Me, Kendra and Kelley (high school bffs)

Dancing the night away:)

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Motherhood Monday-21 Weeks: Stranger Danger

So as you all know, I'm not really back to work consistently yet. Last fall Rich, Dad and I toured several daycares and chose one that we liked. It's in Maumelle, which is about 40 minutes or so from Cabot where we are living now. We ultimately want to live in Maumelle, and it's not far from Little Rock where we'll be working. The bad thing about daycare (well one of many, but I'll save that for now) is that you have to pay for the entire week, whether you take your baby everyday or just one day. I'm only going to be working a couple days a week so we thought about trying to find someone who does in-home childcare so we would only have to pay for the days we use.

My Dad works in pubic housing, and has an office that's directly in front of a large group of senior apartments. He told me about this really nice woman named Marilyn, about 70 years old, who keeps her grandson some and has a daughter who is an RN at the VA hospital where Rich is working. She said she would keep Lucy for us, so I arranged a meeting at her apartment, bldg 15 apt 1. I arrive at said apartment right on time for our meeting. I knock on the door and this older woman opens the door and instantly reaches her arms out for Lucy. We go in and start chatting and she tells me that she just moved in 3 days ago. First red flag: if she just moved in, how does Dad think he knows her well enough to trust her with Lucy? I'm beginning to question his judgment on this one. The apartment wasn't dirty exactly, but it smelled musty and stale and just didn't look the least bit child or baby friendly. I told the lady not to feel obligated at all to keep her, and she looks at me a little funny and says ok. She doesn't ask me any questions about our schedule or needs as far as a sitter goes. She tells me about her siblings, her kids and then gets to talking about the Japanese and Hitler and Ronald Reagan. I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to history so I was doing a lot of smiling and nodding. I keep trying to steer the conversation back to Lucy, and am thinking that there's no way I'm leaving my baby with this woman. I asked her about her grandson that she supposedly babysits for, and she said "Oh yes, I used to keep him. Now I haven't seen him in 2 years, I think he's on the drugs again." I then ask her about her daughter, the RN at the VA. She says "Did I say she worked at the VA? She works at Walmart in the deli. My brother died at the VA though." Ok, finally I've had enough of this crazy lady. I said "Ma'am, what's your name?" "Shirley" she replied. Doh!!! Wrong lady!! I just spent 35 minutes in the wrong apartment. She probably that I was the looney one. I explained to her that I was looking for Marilyn, the lady who was going to be babysitting for us. She said she just thought maybe I was visiting all the new neighbors. She says she thinks Marilyn lives next door. I get next door and a lady yells out "Oh, there's that baby" and takes Lucy. I ask if she's Marilyn. Nope, she is Kathy.
Finally I figure out that there is more than one building 15 apt 1, find Marilyn, she is great and laughs at the story. So moral of the story is, a baby is extremely popular at senior living complexes! I couldn't believe I did that, and couldn't stop cracking up as I told my parents and Rich about it.
Now we still don't know if we're going to use Marilyn or daycare for various reasons, but at least I finally found her apartment.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

3 Things Thursday

1. Last weekend's long run was 6 miles and it went great! We ran on some trails along the river, some paved and some not. We took it nice and slow and the miles felt easy. Lucy was awake but she didn't fuss much at all, and Rich and I were able to enjoy the time together and chat. We have slacked this week though. We skipped a 3 miler and shortened another 3 miler to 2 miles. I got up ready to run this morning but then realized he had the stroller in the car with him at work today. Ugh! We agreed to run tonight and recommit to training and stop skipping runs!!

2. We leave early tomorrow morning to fly to New Orleans for the wedding of one of my best friends from high school. It will be our first weekend away from Lucy, and I'm really psyched to SLEEP....all....night!!! We will be doing our 8 miler around the city Saturday morning, which will keep me from imbibing in too much at the open bar tomorrow night.

3. I got my hair done Tuesday. It's now a dark reddish brown. Pics to come soon!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Motherhood Monday-20 Weeks

Yesterday Rich watched Lucy and I got to spend some much needed "me" time hanging out with a bff. We went to see Case 39, very scary and good! Then went for martinis, double good! It felt great to get out of mommy mode for an afternoon and just be me for a bit. I knew that motherhood was going to be all consuming, and that's part of what is so wonderful about it, but it can definitely wear you down if you don't get any breaks. Literally 99% of my thoughts and decisions revolve around Lucy. Here's some examples
-The old me loved to wear fun earrings and necklaces, now I can't because she pulls on them.
-The old me loved to fix my hair, now I don't have time and she pulls on it so up it goes.
-The old me loved makeup, now I don't have time for much playing around with cosmetics and I don't want to rub makeup and lipstick all over her with all the kisses she gets.
-The old me loved cute clothes, now I just have to find things that work for nursing, style be damned.
-The old me loved to zone out on a run with my Ipod, now I have to push a jogging stroller and listen to her fuss if she doesn't want to be there.
-The old me loved to cook and try new recipes, now I just eat things that I know won't upset her stomach.
-The old me used to wear cute heels, now I don't because I worry about tripping while carrying her (because both the old and new me are very clumsy!)
-The old me used to love to sleep in, now I'm up several times a night and up early every morning.
-The old me loved purses, now I carry a huge diaper bag and breastpump bag with me instead.

None of these things are bad or problematic, just different. I don't want to seem as if I'm complaining, because I'm really not. It's just a huge adjustment to have to think so much about everything I do, wear, eat or drink and I wanted to share that a little bit. One day I'll be able to break free and go on a cute shirt wearing, milkshake drinking rampage and I'll miss these days, so I just remember that this is such a short time in my life and try to enjoy every single day. And honestly, one big smile makes all those superficial sacrifices seem like nothing. When she sees me and smiles so big her whole body lights up, nothing else in the world matters.

She rolled from her back to tummy then back over yesterday for the first time! I hope you all have a great Monday.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Running Update

Bob kicks my a@@! Rich went back to work full time this week so the bambina and I have been doing our morning runs alone. Which means that I have no one to push Bob and I'm not brave enough to rig him up to a dog harness yet Snow Dog style so I have to push. I love the stroller. It's nice and fancy and has great shocks and rolls easily, etc. I hate pushing the darn thing. It's heavy, and Lucy is only 4 months old! There are a couple of small hills we run regularly and it takes all my effort to get us both up them. At least it should make for easier runs and races when I'm strollerless. It feels great to be back running regularly again, and to feel improvements in my endurance and strength as the days go by. The marathon is not until March but I have to keep reminding myself that these shorter midweek runs are building the fitness base that is essential to crossing that finish line.

We've got a 6 miler for this weekend which will be the longest I've run in over a year. My plan is to just take it slow and get the mileage in, even if that means walking some of it. Hopefully we'll leave Lucy with my mom or Rich will be the designated Bob pusher.

I am loving being back in the blog community and catching up with all of you. Here's to racing season!