Monday, October 4, 2010

Motherhood Monday-20 Weeks

Yesterday Rich watched Lucy and I got to spend some much needed "me" time hanging out with a bff. We went to see Case 39, very scary and good! Then went for martinis, double good! It felt great to get out of mommy mode for an afternoon and just be me for a bit. I knew that motherhood was going to be all consuming, and that's part of what is so wonderful about it, but it can definitely wear you down if you don't get any breaks. Literally 99% of my thoughts and decisions revolve around Lucy. Here's some examples
-The old me loved to wear fun earrings and necklaces, now I can't because she pulls on them.
-The old me loved to fix my hair, now I don't have time and she pulls on it so up it goes.
-The old me loved makeup, now I don't have time for much playing around with cosmetics and I don't want to rub makeup and lipstick all over her with all the kisses she gets.
-The old me loved cute clothes, now I just have to find things that work for nursing, style be damned.
-The old me loved to zone out on a run with my Ipod, now I have to push a jogging stroller and listen to her fuss if she doesn't want to be there.
-The old me loved to cook and try new recipes, now I just eat things that I know won't upset her stomach.
-The old me used to wear cute heels, now I don't because I worry about tripping while carrying her (because both the old and new me are very clumsy!)
-The old me used to love to sleep in, now I'm up several times a night and up early every morning.
-The old me loved purses, now I carry a huge diaper bag and breastpump bag with me instead.

None of these things are bad or problematic, just different. I don't want to seem as if I'm complaining, because I'm really not. It's just a huge adjustment to have to think so much about everything I do, wear, eat or drink and I wanted to share that a little bit. One day I'll be able to break free and go on a cute shirt wearing, milkshake drinking rampage and I'll miss these days, so I just remember that this is such a short time in my life and try to enjoy every single day. And honestly, one big smile makes all those superficial sacrifices seem like nothing. When she sees me and smiles so big her whole body lights up, nothing else in the world matters.

She rolled from her back to tummy then back over yesterday for the first time! I hope you all have a great Monday.

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Lindsay said...

Oh I def didn't read this as complaining - no worries! I'd have to slap you if I thought you were complaining about not wearing heels or earrings ;) I would totally be milking it in sweats all day. "Why get dressed? She might throw up or poop/pee on me - may as well wear bum clothes" :)

Her rolling over achievement makes me think of our running PR's. You should document !