Monday, January 31, 2011

Yesterday in Pics

We went for a walk.

We vacuumed.
We cat-napped. (don't worry, I didn't leave her unsupervised with the cat)
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hot Damn I Ran Again!

ONE WHOLE MILE, stop the presses!!!!

We had a gorgeous 75 degree day yesterday so we popped Lucy in the Bob and leashed up the dogs. My goal was just to run a mile and see how it felt, and it felt good overall. I get that histamine release when I haven't run in awhile, you know the red splotchy itchies? Anyone else get this? We refer to it as ILS, or Itchy Leg Syndrome although my torso is commonly affected as well. But other than huffing and puffing (thank you residual respiratory virus) and itching, it was a great mile. We walked another mile or two after that, just to enjoy being outside and moving. I have really enjoyed the 3 week exercise hiatus but I'm going to try to get back to some consistent running/strength training/yoga starting this week. I weigh less than I did when I got pregnant, but things than firm.

In Lucy news, she now says "Dada" all the time. Changing her diaper=dada, feeding her=dada, nursing her=dada, you get the picture. She doesn't necessarily associate it with Richard, but she sure likes to say it. She also knows the sign for milk. Here it is, like milking a cow.
Whenever I hold her and make the sign she starts grunting and nosedives straight into my chest, so she definitely knows what it means. It's pretty cute:) She also has started yelling "Eh" really loudly and frequently. So Eh and Dada are her words of choice, with the occasional Baaaah thrown in.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally Well!

The funky bug that Lucy so kindly shared with me hung onto me longer than it did her (thankfully). It took a full 2 weeks, and I still have some lingering cough and congestion, but I'm finally feeling almost back to normal. I haven't run in over 2 weeks though. Every time I would set foot outside the cold air would send me into coughing fits so I took that as a nice excuse for a long rest. I'm hoping I haven't lost too much fitness because our half is coming up in early March and I'd like to enjoy it and feel good during and after!

Lucy is getting SOOOOO close to crawling. She has perfected the roll over-push up and does it every time I'm trying to change her clothes or diaper. She sleeps in bed with me/us and naps in our bed as well, so I went yesterday and bought bedrails so she can't crawl or roll off. We don't even have a crib, and the plan (haha gotta love how plans go awry) was for her to sleep in her pack n play until she was big enough for a toddler bed. Well she was never a big pack n play fan, and since she still wakes up several times a night, it was much easier to just move her into bed with us. She's too busy to snuggle and cuddle during the day, but she spends her nights nestled right against me. That way she can nurse when she wakes up without either of us really having to get fully woken up. I've heard "oh, you've got to break her of that" and lots of variations on the theme of "you'll never get her out of your bed." Umm..I'm fairly certain that at some point she'll not sleep with us. Unless colleges open parent/child dorms, in which case we're set for life;) I like that precious time with her, especially on days that I work and don't see her much at all during the day. One thing I've learned so far since having her is just how darn fast it goes, so I will cherish every snuggle and night spent with this sweet girl at my side.

Ok, I need some motivating words to get back out there and run....let's hear it! I also want to start doing some yoga since my flexibility is nowhere near what it used to do. Do you know of any good websites that have a quick and fairly easy yoga routine?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy 8 Month Birthday Lucy Sue

Glossing over the fact that I haven't posted since...gasp...October!!

My little lovebug is 8 months old today. How can this be?? We had a great first holiday season with her, and she is just such a joy to us. She is sweet and funny so full of life and love and it's impossible not to smile when she grins at you. I really can't believe that she can be this old already. Rich and I were talking about how we still feel like brand new parents with a brand new baby.

She had her first tooth pop in overnight. It's not all the way up yet, but it's poked through the gum. She and I have been sick for the past week. She has RSV, and is on an inhaler to help with her breathing. She's much better though, thankfully! I'm still under the weather but hopefully will start to feel better soon. It's hard to keep her entertained when I'm sick!

On other fronts in our lives:
Running- get's a huge thumbs down and frowny face. We started off marathon training doing really well, but the holidays and various illnesses and ailments have derailed us. We planned on doing the Little Rock marathon in March, but I think we're downgrading to just doing the half. I'm disappointed because I really wanted to the full, and made it as far as 16 miles on long runs but I just wasn't getting my weekly runs in. I was pushing hard to get the long ones in while skipping most of the shorter midweek runs, and I could tell in my body that it was not going well and I decided to stop running long to see if some aches and pains will improve. The weekend warrior route was not cutting it. I am looking forward to running the half, and to tackling some shorter races and bis/tris this summer.

Housing-still living here in Cabot with my parents, still have the house in Charleston with renters. We have started to look more seriously for a house here though, and once we talk to some lenders to see what we're working with we can hopefully move forward.

I leave you with some recent pics of the little one :)
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