Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Showers/Baby Stuff: tons o' pics

Girls I graduated pharmacy school with. It was so good to see them all!

Cutest cake ever, and so tasty!

Mom, me, Aunt Beth, Granny at the shower

Trying to find a "skinny pose" before my Charleston shower (the heels lasted about an hour:))
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Before a 2 mile jog at 30 weeks, taken yesterday morning.

Some of Lucy's cloth diapers. They've come a long way since I wore them as a baby. Under the diapers are some of her adorable burb cloths. Gotta love all this super cute stuff to pee, poop and puke on.
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Her temporary room, although the Pack n' Play will be moved to our bedroom once she's born. I can't wait to use that Bob!

Her 4, yes 4, diaper bags. A razorback one, a Diaper Dude for Rich, and 2 cute girlie ones for me.

Her closet, crib bedding for once we move and buy a crib is on the top, along with blankets, bobby and bumbo. Sometimes I can't believe that words like binky, bumbo and boppy are part of my vocab now. Look at all those tiny little clothes!
Her shelves
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One of many blankets, this one is so soft and the back side is pink with her initials. She also has homemade blankets made by both of her grea-grandmothers.
Razorback onesie and red tutu.

The pups lounging in the sunny spot.
For next Christmas, it's a quote from National Lampoon's Christmas vacation for those of you who may be wondering why in the world her onesie would say this.

Back view

Razorback jumper

Dad onesie, love this one! The multi-colored ruffled thing to the right in the background is a tiny little swimsuit.
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Monday, March 22, 2010

30 Weeks!

I feel like the time is just flying by. I just realized it's been like 2 weeks since I posted and it feels like just a couple days. The past 2 weeks have been really busy with traveling to Arkansas for a baby shower, working a lot of days straight, getting a cold/sinus infection, having another baby shower and shopping/organizing/putting baby things together. I know I still have 10 weeks to go, but couple that with the fact that we'll be moving in about 4 months and that adds up to A LOT of stuff to do! I have tons of pics from both showers so I'll post some of those later this week.

I hope ya'll are doing well. I'll be catching up on all your blogs later today but please forgive my lack of comments.

30 Week Update:

How far along? 30 Weeks today. She should now weigh about 3lbs or more and be about 17 inches long.

Total weight gain: 28 lbs. I was hoping to only gain this much the entire pregnancy, but that's not how things are going.

Maternity clothes? Oh yeah for sure, don't know what I'd do without them. I'm not buying any more though since I have lots and only 10 weeks to go

Sleep: I have trouble falling asleep at night because I'll start thinking about everything with the baby/house/move and just can't seem to turn my brain off. She tends to wake me up around 6 each morning kicking and moving.

Best moment this week: yesterday Rich and I spent a few hours in her temporary room putting together her playard (pack and play basically, just not Graco brand) and sorting through all her things. There is a lot of pink in that room, love it!

Movement: I can definitely tell when she's awake or sleeping. When she's awake she is moving constantly. Her little butt is now all the way up to my ribs.

Gender: since there is a zebra print burb cloth and red tutu in her room...let's hope she's a girl!

Labor Signs: nope

Belly Button in or out? Still in

What I miss: those runs that seem almost effortless. I ran 2 miles this morning and it felt like 20.

Weekly Wisdom: You need special diaper rash cream for cloth diapers that won't cause build-up and residue that could in turn cause your diapers to leak.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lucy Pics at 28 Weeks

We had an ultrasound and got some more pics of our baby girl yesterday. Her head is down, so that's a good thing. She still has room to roll from side to side but they don't think there's much chance she'll totally flip and become breach at this point.
She was sleeping and was all snuggled into the placenta so all the pics have that blurry fuzziness to them.


It was really funny because some of the faces she made looked so irritated. Her brow would scrunch all up and she would frown like "Ya'll go away and quit poking me, I'm trying to sleep!"
This is of her legs and feet stretched out. Her feet are pressing up on my belly.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

28 Week Pregnancy Update

I can't imagine how huge I'm going to look and feel considering I have 12 more weeks to grow. The dog food is right through this door, that's why they're looking at me like this, they think it's breakfast time. I'm loving my new maternity clothes because they're super comfy.

How far along: 28 weeks and 1 day (yes, every day counts!)
Total weight gain: Ugh, up 26lbs this morning. How did I gain 3 lbs in the last week????
Maternity clothes: The pants I bought a couple months ago to last the rest of the pregnancy no longer fit. Well they fit, but they dig into my belly so uncomfortably that I can't stand to wear them anymore. Yesterday I hit up Motherhood Maternity for a few new pairs of pants, some tees and tanks, and a nice dress for my shower this weekend. Hopefully I'm done buying maternity clothes. I need to plan the next pregnancy for the same season due date so I can reuse all these clothes.
Stretch marks: They each found a friend, now there's 2 per boob...but the tummy is still stretch-mark free so far.
Sleep: I had a really rough couple nights with excruciating hip pain that felt like my hip socket was dislocated. Some extra stretching before bed and a new body pillow seem to have fixed it thankfully.
Best moment this week: When Rich puts his head on my belly to talk to her and she starts moving and kicking him.
Movement: gentle movements very frequently, though she's still not much of a hard kicker/puncher. I love feeling her and knowing she's doing well in there.
Food cravings: nothing really this week, let's hope it's cottage cheese and broccoli soon so I don't continue to gain 3lbs per week.
Labor Signs: nope
Belly Button in or out: In but getting shallower
What I miss: sleeping on my back
What I am looking forward to: the weekend!!
Weekly Wisdom: What Rich said to me the other night, guys...never say this to a pregnant woman:
Rich: Babe I can tell you're pregnant from the back now.
Me: dirty look, Ummm...
Rich: I just mean your pants are fitting tighter.
Me: dirtier look, So my ass is getting big?
Rich: That's not what I said.
Me: Well, that's what's in my pants that are getting tighter.
Rich: I mean, it's cute that you look pregnant.
Me: I'm getting some ice cream.
Milestones: She now weighs between 2-3 lbs and is about 15 inches long. 12 weeks to go!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Six Things Saturday

1. Last Saturday Rich and I drove to Savannah for the Race For Preservation 10K/5K, we were signed up for the 5K. It was chilly, and none of my pants/tights/long sleeved tops fit very well so I had to wear Rich's big fleece over my gear to hide the fact that my tights kept rolling down and my top kept riding up. Not the most comfortable thing to run in, but it worked. It was very poorly marked and actually ended up being 3.5 miles for the 5K. The mile markers I saw were 1, 2, 2, 5, 6, then the finish line, wtf? Rich had the Garmin, and according to him it was a grand total of 3.5 miles, so yeah...confusing. But it was the longest/furthest I had run in a couple months and it felt like a great, albeit painful, accomplishment. Afterwards I wasn't feeling Lucy move much so I convinced myself that I had deprived her of oxygen and harmed her, my rational mind knew this wasn't how things worked but the bigger non-rational part freaked out a little. In actuality, the 45 minutes of jogging probably just lulled her to sleep since of course my body's priority is to make sure she is fully oxygenated and letting me have what's leftover. That didn't stop me from poking and jiggling my belly the whole 2 hour drive back to Charleston trying to get her moving though. All is well and she's moving up a storm every day.

2. I've been looking at some races for post-baby and I think the plan is to start training for the Little Rock Marathon in the fall (to run it March 2011) and to run the Memphis Marathon's half marathon next December as a training run. I'm really looking forward to getting back out for some long runs. I miss the anticipation, planning, actual running, and feeling of accomplishment afterward that you just can't get with walks/short jogs/gym workouts. Just cross your fingers for me that Lucy likes her jogging stroller and is content to ride while I run!

3. I'm at work right now, and am working 7 days straight from yesterday through next Thursday. So not psyched about that.

4. While I like purple, it's not necessarily my favorite color (that would probably be blue) but I just noticed that I have a purple phone, purple purse and purple umbrella all with me. I look like Barney, and I think it's time for a new purse. Although I'm holding off because the diaper bag I got is really cute and looks purse-like so I'm thinking it'll do double duty as Lucy's bag and my purse. Moms, do you carry a diaper bag and purse or just one bag?

5. Next Saturday I'll be in Arkansas for our baby shower and I'm so excited to see some friends and family that I haven't seen in a long time. I'm going to try to find a cute dress to wear since I'm not loving anything I have right now. I need something that maximizes the baby belly and minimizes the butt/hips/backfat/armfat...wish me luck.

Have a great weekend, and good luck to all you peeps racing this weekend...get some PRs!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Today is a great day

Why is (was, it's almost over now) a today a great day you ask??? Because

1. It's March 1 which means dreary, dreadful February is gone and spring is just around the corner. Thank goodness. I have so much respect for you folks who live in colder climates, I can't stand it.

2. Today starts the 3RD TRIMESTER, yay!!!! Or holy crap, we're having a baby in a couple months...maybe a little bit of both.

To celebrate, I'm going to try to do this little quiz each week, along with a belly pic. Although you don't get a belly pic this week because the one Rich took was from a funny angle that accentuated my under-the-sports-bra side fat roll so I deleted it. I'm holding on to the vanity as long as possible!

How far along: 27 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: up 23 lbs
Maternity clothes: I have 3 pairs of maternity work pants, and they're starting to get pretty snug around the belly area but hopefully it'll be warm enough to switch to dresses and skirts soon.
Stretch marks: one per boob, and they're on the bottom so you can't really see them so do I even have to count them?
Sleep: Eh, it's ok. I wake up to pee and turn over a lot. My lower back and hips get pretty sore at night, even with a pillow between my legs. Overall I'm still getting plenty of sleep though.
Best moment this week: running a 5K, ok jogging really really slowly a "5K" that turned out to be 3.5 miles. I'll post the race recap tomorrow.
Movement: I would have to say I get a lot more squirms and wiggles than actual punches or kicks. I love putting my hand on my belly and feeling little bumps and thumps.
Food cravings: Ham sandwiches lately
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs: None thank goodness, just a few Braxton-Hicks contractions every few days.
Belly Button in or out: In. I've got a pretty good innie so I'm kind of doubting it'll pop out.
What I miss: margaritas, champagne, that's really all I can think of now. I've had sushi and deli meat and just about whatever else I've wanted to eat this past trimester.
What I am looking forward to: going to AR next weekend for a baby shower
Weekly Wisdom: Hmm, I got nothing
Milestones: 2/3 of the way there!