Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blog Blahs

Sorry I haven't been posting this week, or commenting on your blogs. I've had a mild case of the blog blahs. I've still been reading but for some reason just wasn't all that into it this week. I've had a few good runs. I did an easy 5 miler on Monday, then a 5 mile tempo run yesterday. Speedwork is a new thing for me, and it is tough. I hate it so far, but I feel like eventually it will grow on me!

I am still toying with the idea of doing the Valley of Fire marathon in Nevada in November. It would be a TOUGH one for a first marathon, but my goal would be to have fun, take pics, and finish within the alloted 7 hour time frame. Rich's ITB is my hold-up. When I first started running a couple years ago he did not run with me. I trained and ran my first half and he cheered me on, but was bummed that he hadn't trained to run it too. Then we started training together and ran the next two HMs together. I love training with him because it gives us time to talk and de-stress together. Plus it is a huge time and energy commitment, and life is just easier when we are both doing it. We ran the half in Myrtle Beach back in February, took a couple weeks off, then went out for an easy couple miles. Well somehow on that easy run his ITB decides to start acting up. He really hasn't run since then. He's done a few other cardio things like spin, or P90X videos, but occasionally he will still feel pains in it from even doing those things. Tomorrow is his "back to running" day to start training for the Napa half in July. I think we are both nervous that it will still be hurting him and he won't be able to run. He has been really disappointed and upset that he hasn't been able to run recently, and that it still doesn't seem to be totally healed. My running hasn't been as much fun either because I just enjoy it more when we are together, and because I feel bad that he wants to run but can't. So please everyone send some good thoughts for him that his run goes well tomorrow! My hope is that he is back to normal and we can sign up for the Valley of Fire marathon and run it together.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Too Hot for the Hot Tub

Ok, so it is just spring...not summer, and I am already struggling with the increased temps. Yesterday and today I ran and it was in the mid 70's with about 70ish% humidity both days. I literally had to start walking after 5 miles today, and only ended up making 7.5 miles of my planned 8 miler. I guess I'm going to have to run earlier, at 7 or 8, instead of my usual 9 or 10am runs. Yesterday I even got that cold-chilled feeling that happens when you get really hot.

So let's talk about it. Tell me your best tips for staying cool while running in the heat. Anybody have any scary overheating stories? I am getting a little nervous about training for a fall marathon since that will mean running through the Charleston summer. Thoughts? Advice?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crazy 8's Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Kristin (who runs her first marathon in a little over a week, so stop by to cheer her on!).

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
  1. Our foster dog Emmy going to her new foster home
  2. Richard's ITB getting better so he can run with me
  3. Going to AR in a couple weeks to see lots of our friends from college and pharmacy school
  4. Eating the veggies that are growing in the garden
  5. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
  6. Running my 3rd Half Marathon in July, Napa to Sonoma. Running and wine, what's not to love?
  7. Running my 1st Full Marathon, the Valley of Fire Marathon, on my 30th birthday in Nov.
  8. Having babies, although I keep pushing it back (see #6 and #7)

8 Things I Did Yesterday

  1. Ate fish tacos and drank a Hoegaarden at one of my favorite places, Poe's Tavern
  2. Bought a new sports bra
  3. Planted flowers in my front yard
  4. Made salsa and guacamole
  5. Ran a measly 1.5 miles
  6. Watched Lost
  7. Layed out in the backyard because it was too cold for the beach
  8. watered my azaleas

8 Things I Wish I Could Do/Want To Do

  1. Sell our house and move to AR to be near the family
  2. Travel-Australia, Egypt, Italy, Greece, Hawaii are just a few spots I want to see
  3. Win the lottery so I never have to work again and can spend my time doing fun things
  4. Stick to a budget
  5. Be more laid-back
  6. Cook more
  7. Run faster
  8. watch entire movies instead of falling asleep halfway through them all

8 Shows I Watch

  1. Intervention
  2. Lost
  3. Nip Tuck
  4. Grey's Anatomy
  5. Private Practice
  6. Desperate Housewives
  7. Trauma: Life in the ER
  8. Mystery Diagnosis

8 People I Want To Know More About: Tag You're It!

  1. Brian
  2. Danica
  3. John
  4. Denise
  5. Marlene
  6. Mica
  7. MCM Mama (sorry, I don't know your "real" name)
  8. Joy

Friday, April 17, 2009

More Reviews (aka I haven't been running this week)

With the exception of last Sunday's awesome 15 miles with Kristin, I have not touched my running shoes this week. We are going back home to Arkansas again this weekend, then my next formal training plan (which I'm still working on) for July's Napa to Sonoma HM starts up so I'm taking this week off. We will be spending the weekend in south Arkansas, about 15 minutes from the Louisiana state line, with Richard's family, including his brother and his fiance who live in Dallas. We are super excited for a weekend of crawfish, beer, margaritas and lots of laughs. I dropped and broke my camera, but hopefully someone will take some pics this weekend so I can share with ya'll.

Review Time:

1. Firefly Mint Tea vodka. If you have been reading for awhile, you may remember that I LOVE the orginal Firefly Sweet Tea flavored vodka. A few other companies have started making their own versions, but Firefly is by far the best. Well a few weeks ago Rich and I were at the Charleston Food and Wine Festival and some people from Firefly had a booth set up, with samples of their new flavors. In addition to plain old unflavored vodka and Sweet Tea, they now are selling Peach Tea, Lemon Tea, Mint Tea and Raspberry Tea. We tried them all, and bought a bottle of the mint. It is good, but Rich and I both prefer the orginal Sweet Tea. If you get a chance, they are all definitely worth trying out though. The pic is of the company's first distillary here in South Carolina. I tried the mint mixed with some regular unsweet tea, and it was ok but I bet it would be delicious in some sort of mojito.

Granny and Memaw- if you're reading this you may want to skip down to number 3. Love you!

2. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max. This is hands down the most disgusting, revolting, enraging, yet hysterically funny book I have ever read. If you are a woman, it will offend you. I guarantee it. It is a collection of supposedly true stores written by this guy who is a self-described asshole about things such as getting insanely drunk and arrested and sleeping with multiple random girls in the same day. There is lots of cursing, lots of drinking, lots of sex, lots of vomit and poo. It is slightly reminiscent of Dane Cook/Borat kind of humor. I don't want to encourage you to read it, then you get offended and think I'm a terrible person for recommending don't read it! Unless you think you can handle it....and if you can't, don't say you weren't warned. If you are intrigued, you can check out his website and read some of the stories there. Just be careful reading them at work, they are NOT work appropriate. There is also a movie in the works, although I'm not sure how they could ever show it in theaters.

3. P90X- I stink at P90X. P90X is a fantastic program, and the workouts that I have done have been really tough, good workouts that leave you sore for a few days afterwards. The problem is I don't like to work that hard in my living room. I love to work out hard, to sweat, to grunt, to earn that soreness. But I love to do that at the gym, then come home and relax in my home. Now if I didn't have a gym membership, P90X would be perfect because it truly will give you a workout as good or better than any you could do in a gym. Rich has actually been doing a good job of doing several P90X workouts a week for the last couple weeks, and you can already see a difference. I find myself trying to do pushups, then jumping up and running for the swiffer because I see the dog hair under the couch, or trying to skip the stretching to run upstairs and fold some laundry. So I think I may cut myself some slack, stop trying to force it on myself (you paid for it, you better do it) which just results in me not working out at all and go back to my regular classes at the gym.

4. Ok, ok so this is not a review...I just wanted to show you all my new shoes. They were a Spring/Easter gift from my parents and I love them! They are flats with shiny turquoise, cream and blue, and brown beading.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Heart Recovery Socks

I know there has been a lot of talk about compression socks out there in the blogosphere recently, and I wanted to throw my hat in the ring as a fan. I received my pair of Recovery Socks and was so excited to try them out. I wore them one day after work for a few hours, just to see how they felt and I liked how comfy they were and wanted to see how they felt after a run. I used them after my 15 mile run last Sunday, and they felt great. After the run, I stretched and took an ice bath, then slipped into my cozy pair of compression socks. I wore them for at least 12 hours (slept in them), and I could definitely tell that they helped with leg soreness and fatigue. They are super comfy, almost like wrapping each calf and foot in a snug cocoon, which felt great after a long run. As a pharmacist, I have worn compression hose before when I have had to be on my feet all day long working so the technology is something I'm familiar with. They help to decrease swelling in your legs, and to increase blood flow. Here's what the website has to say:

Compression is not a new technology; it has been used for years in medical patients with venous and arterial insufficiency. However, the application of this technology to athletics is relatively new. There is clear evidence to support compression use in promoting recovery. Using compression socks after a race or hard workout provide a substantial benefit.
These garments will help to avoid venous stasis (blood pooling in the legs) and swelling. Compression is particularly helpful in depended areas of the body, such as the feet and lower legs where gravity has a greater effect on blood return. Improved blood flow after a workout results in enhanced nutrient delivery and removal of waste products to and from muscles. This creates a situation optimal for muscle repair, reduced stiffness and heaviness in the legs and possibly less soreness.
Several studies have demonstrated that post exercise blood lactate levels were lower with compression sock use both during and after exercise. Other studies have demonstrated that compression socks do create a major fluid shift in the body. Compression garments are believed to improve venous blood return to the heart and allow for better cardiac output (flow of oxygenated blood from the heart) thereby aiding oxygen delivery to working muscles and increased endurance.

Oh, and the best part? They come in black, silver, white or pink. I give them my highest recommendation. I really think they are a key piece of equipment to have in your arsenal of running gear. Check out their website for more info on the technology and products. They also have excellent customer service so I'm sure they'll take great care of you if you place an order or have any questions(I'm not on their payroll, I promise, I just love them so much I think every runner needs a pair!).

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Weekend: Part 2 and 3 of 3

Saturday: Woke up not feeling the greatest from Friday's escapades so my planned 15 miler did not happen. We spent a good half an hour searching for my car keys, turned out they were under the couch. I'm guessing Tanner drug them off the counter when he threw his house party Friday night and somehow flung them and they wound up under the couch. Then we went to our friends house for the guys to fish and the girls to hang out and play with their 3 month old baby. I had my blackberry with me, and started tweeting back and forth with Kristin about our long runs that we were each planning to do on Sunday. She lives in Charleston and is a fellow runner/blogger/tweeter and we've chatted for several weeks but never met in person. She suggested that we run together, and I was hesitant because I've never run with anyone besides Richard and my long run pace is usually between 11:00-12:00. Plus..with long runs, you just never know how they are going to go and I didn't want to have a crappy run with someone else counting on me. But Kristin assured me that her long run pace was something I could handle so we decided to give it a shot.

Sunday: Kristin had her last long run before her taper (20ish) so she ran 6 before I met her. We met up at her apartment then headed out for an out and back, including the Cooper River Bridge for some hill action. I was nervous that I wasn't going to be able to maintain a good pace, and just that I wasn't going to be able to complete 15 miles since 14 is the longest I had run before. But I made it! The last 2 miles were pretty tough, and the last mile was really tough but we both achieved our goals with no puking or bleeding so all was well. Kristin was a total stud-ette and finished up with 21.5 miles and I was psyched to finish my 15.
It was a great run and we chatted the entire time so the miles flew by. I really don't remember anything about the route we ran because we were so focused on running and was great to have the distraction. Afterwards we stretched and cooled down and agreed that we would definitely be running together again!
I stopped on the way home and bought a couple bags of ice for the ice death, I mean ice bath. I was so exhausted I could barely carry the 2 bags to the car, and thankfully Rich met me outside and lugged them upstairs to the tub while I changed into my sweatshirt and bathing suit. Getting in is the hardest part, but I've found screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs for the first minute or so really helps ease the pain. Rich was super sweet and plugged in the hair dryer and blasted me with warm air which also helped. After 15 minutes I felt tortured enough and it was shower time. I wasn't sure whether a hot shower would undo the ice bath, so I opted for lukewarm. Then I slipped on my recovery socks (review coming soon, but I love them!) and we went to Los Arcos for some recovery Mexican food. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and grilling steaks with friends (same friends from Friday and Saturday...sometimes we don't see each other for weeks, sometimes we hang out daily).
So all in all it was a great Easter weekend at the Morris farm!

The Weekend: Part 1 of 3

Friday: It was a beautiful day, and in the back of my mind all day I knew that my workout was not going to happen after work. Sure enough, Rich picked me up from work and we met some friend's for Happy Hour...which turned into happy hourS. When we got home it look like a bomb had gone off in our house. Apparently the pantry door was left open, and the baby gate that usually keeps the dogs downstairs was not put in place. So the girls, Emmy and Fiona, were crated but the boys had free roam of the entire house + access to the pantry. Not pretty! Tanner, the big not-so-bright chocolate lab, ate a bag full of Easter candy, including a chocolate bunny, sweetarts, sour patch kids, and peeps. He also ripped open and scattered a large bag of sunflower seeds in almost every room of the house. He ate a bag of tortilla chips, half a bag of dog treats, several protein bars, and a loaf of whole wheat bread. Well all this delicious goodness upset his stomach...we'll just say I used a lot of carpet cleaner and leave it at that. As I'm trying to vacuum up the sunflower seeds, Fiona and Emmy get all worked up and try to attack the vacuum which somehow turns into them attacking each other. I scream for Richard, he comes running up the stairs and helps me get them separated. Nobody is hurt except for me. I have some teeth scrapes and bruises on my arm. Boxer girls, the ones in my house at least, can definitely be biatches on occasion. So now the messes are cleaned up, my arm is peroxided and Neosporin'ed, and we are ready for bed. Umm...the comforter smells like puke. I can only assume that Tanner puked up some of his feast on the bed, then re-ate it...disgusting. So we strip the bed and realize we're out of laundry deteregent. We utter some curse words, call Tanner several names I won't mention here, and go sleep in the guest room. Good Friday? Not exactly.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Week in Review

Saturday: had to work and missed the Bridge Run that ChasRunner ran and PR'd so after work I ran the bridge twice for a total of 10 miles.

Sunday: Rich and I did the P90X Kenpo DVD, which is a kickboxing style cardio workout

Monday: Got up at 4:30 and ran 5 miles before work

Tuesday: My day off work! Rich and I went to an awesome spin class and I stayed and did BodyFlow, which is a blend of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. I somehow managed to overtwist and move a rib out of place. Luckily I already had a chiropractor appointment that afternoon and he was able to move it back in place. I went to the movies and saw Sunshine Cleaning. It's a bit dark but all in all a funny, sweet movie.

Wednesday: Ouch, rib still hurting so back to the chiro for another adjustment. P90X arms/shoulders. Watched Lost and proceeded to get even more confused than last week.

Thursday: Pleasantly sore from the p90X, and the rib is almost completely better. Ran 3 miles downtown after work.

Friday: Made it to work on far that's my only accomplishment of the day. The plan is to run 2 miles, do P90X back/shoulders/abs, cook pasta for dinner and get to bed early because I'm going to attempt a 15 miler tomorrow morning. That would be my longest run, and 17 miles in 2 days will be my longest 2-day mileage ever. If it doesn't happen, I'm not going to beat myself up but I'm hopeful I can get it done.

This has been a pretty boring week with lots of work and working out, a few after work drinks, and mostly early bedtimes. I'll let you all know how the 15 go (or don't go) tomorrow. Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Almost Wordless Thursday

Here's Rich, me, and my parents on our vacation to the San Francisco area last year. I'm sure you California girls recognize this spot. It was such a fun trip and I think this part of the country is just beautiful, and of course we all loved visiting the wineries. I can't wait for our trip back in July for the Napa to Sonoma half!
I have been lazy in posting this week, although I have been working out I just haven't mustered the energy to put a decent post together. Tomorrow, I promise!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thank You Glamour!!

Move over Alessandra, there's a new girl in town! You may be beautiful, but you're not the only kind of beautiful.

I'd like to say a big Hooray to Glamour for putting a more average-sized girl in the magazine, in a bikini no less!
This lovely lady is in the May '09 issue modeling several swimsuits, both one and two-pieces.
I don't know about you all but I think she looks fabulous. I think this is a big step for such a major player in the fashion mag industry because the article wasn't simply about finding "plus-size" bathing suits, or dressing to camouflage your trouble was about embracing your body and working with what you've got. It sends the message that being healthy, strong and confident is beautiful, at all shapes and sizes. If you naturally look like a Victoria Secret model that's wonderful, but if you don't (and really...who does?) that's okay! Beauty takes many forms, and there's more than one body type that can rock a bikini!
How wonderful for women of all ages to see someone recognized as sexy and beautiful that looks a bit more like us than the gorgeous but nearly impossible to achieve "perfect" bodies that fill the pages of most magazines.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm Back

We are back from Arkansas. It was really nice to get to see family, even if it was under sad circumstances. I managed to get in 4 miles Wednesday morning, but my planned 4 miles yesterday morning didn't happen because there were some pretty strong thunderstorms. We didn't get home until about 1am this morning, so we slept in instead of running today. Then we went to Best Friends Boarding to pick up the crew, and brought them home for baths. Now they all smell nice and fresh and not kennel-y. I have lots of catching up to do on all your blogs so that will be my goal for tonight at work. Ugh, I hate working weekends with a passion and not only do I work until 11pm tonight but I have to be back at work at 7am tomorrow morning. I'm seriously grateful to have a job, but can't wait for the day that I find the perfect pharmacist job for evenings or weekends. I know you're out there and I will hunt you down one day! Hope you all a fabulous weekend.