Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wordless-ish Wednesday

So I got this post all ready to go then realized it is Thursday. Fail.

She was not psyched about wearing her sunglasses.
Babywearing saves my sanity. I can wear her and still get things done since she doesn't like being left alone for any length of time. This is called a Mei Tai and it can go on the front or back.

Here we are all wrapped up in a woven baby wrap. I can wrap her on my front, back or hip. She likes it because she can be up and see what's going on while still snuggling close.

I know, this headband is ridiculous but I couldn't resist!
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Brandi said...

Oh she is so stinkin cute!! The headband looks adorable on her!

Shannon said...

So sweet! I'm gonna have to remember the Mei Tai!

Jen Feeny said...

OMG she is so frigging adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan said...

I loved my mei tai. I've cooked many a meal, washed many dishes, laundry, festival, etc. with a baby strapped to me. I tell all my friends to wear their baby. Most don't listen though.

N.D. said...

how do you get her in for the back holders? that looks great.

Jess said...

She's so cute!

Norah never stood for being wrapped up against me. I tried stuffing her in to things like that and she would have none of it. She needed FREEdom!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

SOOOO Cute!!!

To answer your questions the socks were from Running, they are pretty comfortable but I dont like that the heart gets stretched and does not look like a heart. I wear Moving comfort Spandex under my Running skirts because my thighs rub together, this makes a good combo and I don't feel naked..

I think those were your only questions.. HUGS!!

She is a pretty pretty girl.

Alisa said...

Awesome! I love the idea of baby wearing though I think it would scare the crap out of me to put the contraption on wrong.

You seriously look fantastic! And so stinkin happy!

Abby said...

My days are totally jumbled these days, too :)

She's adorable - and she's gotten so big!

Casey said...

I love every single photo in the post. Baby wearin' is so key. Vi grew out of her Baby Bjorn and I shed a small tear. I bought an Ergo Baby on Amazon and am in love. It lets you do front, back, and hip. Totally love it. :)