Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Recap with Pics

We had a whirlwind weekend to New Orleans, but it was a great time and I loved getting to visit with my high school girlfriends. We flew out of Little Rock Friday morning and got to NOLA around noon. We hit up the hotel bar, and I had a dirty martini and a cheese quesadilla. It was heavenly! It was strange to be able to eat and drink whatever I wanted for a couple days without worrying about Lucy getting an upset stomach. I had cheese, ice cream, crabcakes, bananas foster...all things I love but wouldn't have been able to eat if I were nursing her. The downside to not nursing for over 48 hours was that I was attached to this stupid thing every couple hours:

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, and we went to bed really early afterwards since we hadn't gotten much sleep the night before and had to get up to run. Saturday morning we got up, had some coffee and headed out for our 8 miler. It was a great run and we loved running in a new city. There were lots of Ewwww moments though as we sidestepped to avoid things like vomit, condoms and broken beer bottles. New Orleans is such a beautiful city, but the 24/7 partying that goes on does take a toll on certain areas. It was so much fun to see the city on foot and I know I'll always remember that particular run whenever I think of NOLA. We got our 8 miles done, then hung out in the hotel lobby watching college football all afternoon.

The wedding itself was gorgeous and perfect. The bride was beautiful, the weather was just right, and everyone had a great time. Our shuttle back to the airport picked us up at 3:55 am Sunday morning so didn't end up going out after the wedding.

It was really nice to have some time away for Rich and I to hang out sans baby, but we were so happy to walk through the door and see her face. I was afraid she wouldn't want to nurse after having the bottle for a couple days since the milk flows easier from a bottle but she was just as happy to see me as I was to see her and she nursed great.

Here I am with my new dark hair!

Me and the hubby

Me, Kendra and Kelley (high school bffs)

Dancing the night away:)

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Lindsay said...

You look great with dark hair too! Glad you guys had some good "adults-only" time. Important to keep that in your crazy new life of parenthood.

Question: Does the milk, etc foods not bother her from pumped milk? Or were you just pumping to relieve pressure (or whatever) and she won't drink that milk from the weekend anyway. Just wondering!

Rahel said...

Love the hair and fun to see pics of all of you guys!

Alisa said...

Fun times!

I love your new hair.

Abby said...

Ha! That dancing pic is fantastic!

Kim said...

Your dark hair looks great! And I love the dancing pic.

Gosh. I would have never expected to see those things during a run there. Now I know!

Toni said...

Glad you had a good time in New Orleans--love that city! Love the cajun food!

The dark hair looks great!

Tara said...

Love the dark hair!

Unknown said...
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