Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sweet Hugs

All the back to school buzz this week has already gotten me thinking about the fact that before I know it, Lucy will be starting school. I know it's still 4 years away, but at the rate the past 15 months have gone it will be here in the blink of an eye.

I am so thankful to have 2 weekdays and all weekends off work to spend with her. Our Mondays and Wednesdays are pretty uneventful typically, but it is great to be able to be with her. We get up, run, eat breakfast, then I usually put her on my back while I try to get some cleaning or unpacking done. She gets in moods pretty often where she doesn't want on my back, but she doesn't want to play in the floor by herself either. I was standing at the sink Monday trying to do something and she's pulling on my shorts whining and crying. I knelt down, more frustrated than anything and wanting to yell "WHAT do you want????" but as soon as I got down on her level she reached her arms out and hugged me, snuggled in and tried to climb in my lap. All she wanted was a hug. She loves to be hugged and held (well, by her select chosen handful of people she deems worthy of holding her) A LOT, and it's not always convenient but in those moments I remind myself that soon it will feel like I woke up and overnight she's starting school and not there wanting hugs in the middle of a Monday. There's nothing I could be doing that is more important than holding her.

And on a funny note about her hugging. She's been hugging and loving on the dogs for months, and has just recently started giving me hugs and still really doesn't hug other people much. So basically she loves me, but not quite as much as she loves Fiona :)


MCM Mama said...

They do grow so fast. Enjoy the hugs when you get them.

Carolina John said...

Danger will robinson! They don't always grow out of the "you must hold me and hug me all the time" phase. It's not nearly as much fun when they top 40 lbs and still won't walk more than 10 steps (That's why we call her the Evil Genius)

Jess said...

I have to stop myself and remind myself of the same things: Nothing else (especially hosuework) is as important as tending to the kids' needs.

Still, I'd love to do the dishes in peace! :)