Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hot Damn I Ran Again!

ONE WHOLE MILE, stop the presses!!!!

We had a gorgeous 75 degree day yesterday so we popped Lucy in the Bob and leashed up the dogs. My goal was just to run a mile and see how it felt, and it felt good overall. I get that histamine release when I haven't run in awhile, you know the red splotchy itchies? Anyone else get this? We refer to it as ILS, or Itchy Leg Syndrome although my torso is commonly affected as well. But other than huffing and puffing (thank you residual respiratory virus) and itching, it was a great mile. We walked another mile or two after that, just to enjoy being outside and moving. I have really enjoyed the 3 week exercise hiatus but I'm going to try to get back to some consistent running/strength training/yoga starting this week. I weigh less than I did when I got pregnant, but things than firm.

In Lucy news, she now says "Dada" all the time. Changing her diaper=dada, feeding her=dada, nursing her=dada, you get the picture. She doesn't necessarily associate it with Richard, but she sure likes to say it. She also knows the sign for milk. Here it is, like milking a cow.
Whenever I hold her and make the sign she starts grunting and nosedives straight into my chest, so she definitely knows what it means. It's pretty cute:) She also has started yelling "Eh" really loudly and frequently. So Eh and Dada are her words of choice, with the occasional Baaaah thrown in.


Carolina John said...

Once they start talking, they start talking back. Next thing you know she'll be moving on her own too.

Love the new design!

Marci said...

So weird that you post about ILS.. I get it, but only when its cold. Yesterday after trails I had it, on my thighs and calfs, and I always thought I was just defrosting, and I said to my husband that it is like an allergic response!!

Unknown said...

Yeah, my little guy calls EVERYONE Dada! He talks about Dada all day long!

Lindsay said...

i get "ILS" too. well, i have eczema, but i also get it from cold weather. hooray for running!