Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A look back 2006-2009

I was getting a little behind and bored with these so I'm condensing the last 4 years into one bullet post.

-spent a month in Shiprock, NM on a reservation with Darcy doing our last pharmacy school rotation.
-graduated pharmacy school
-moved in with my parents for about 2 months
-moved to Charleston, this involved me, Rich, my brother Kirk, Dickson, Tanner and Molly and Shi%ty Kitty all spending the night in a Days Inn hotel room.
-met some great friends, but really missed others
-started my first real job

-bought a house
-started fostering with Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue and ended up adopting Fiona
-trained for and ran my first half marathon

-ran the half marathon at the Little Rock Marathon, Rich's first half.
-worked a lot, drank a lot of margaritas and wine, spent lots of days at the beach

-ran half marathons at Myrtle Beach and Napa to Sonoma
-started training for my first full marathon
-tried to get pregnant, doc said cut back on running
-got pregnant, no more marathon this year but for a good cause
-met my goal of running 500 miles with a grand total of 523 for the year
-made the decision to run the full Little Rock Marathon spring 2011

Whew, so there you go. That concludes the wrap up of the last decade of my life. It was really fun to remember and it's nice to have it written down.


Lindsay said...

these were fun though! :) entertaining to reflect back on and a little crazy to see how things turned out. i don't want to know what i end up in my 2010-2019 recap! ;)

Jess said...

For a lot of us who are the same age, the ast 10 years have included a lot of the same things, but it's fun to read how similar many of our lives are!

Abby said...

You've been a blogging machine recently! I can barely keep up :)

Definitely a full decade you've had - here's to the start of another great one!

Alisa said...

That's a lot of happenings!

I ran my first half marathon in 2007 too.