Monday, November 9, 2009

The Be Band and Maternity Clothes...and some working out

This is the Be Band, the Target version of the popular Bella Band. Basically what this wondrous little piece of stretchy fabric does is allow you to go around with your pants unbuttoned. For the past few weeks, there has been no buttoning the pants so I just tie them closed with a ponytail holder then put the Band on over them to hold them up/smooth things out. It's a great way to postpone maternity clothes and get several more weeks or months out of your regular clothes.

Today is my first day in maternity pants and boy are they sexy. See for yourself...nothing says foxy like a big expanse of nude colored fabric stretched over your tummy.

They are still a little loose in the waist but you really can't tell they're maternity once you have your shirt covering that belly panel. I prefer pants without the panel but these were the only khaki pants I could find long enough to fit me so I didn't have much choice. It is really nice to not have to ponytail-holder my pants together today though, so I think I could get used to this maternity pant thing!

Update on November goals: I'm failing miserably at the run every day goal. I had been feeling great with no nausea for about a week or so, then I swear as soon as I commited that goal to the blog, I regressed and started feeling pukey again. So I took a few days off, but did still get in at least a couple miles of walking the dogs every day. I ran a quick mile yesterday, then went to Body Pump this morning. I found out that our local Yoga Studio won't let you go to prenatal yoga until your 2nd trimester so I have to wait 2 weeks before I can start taking classes there.

New long term goal: Half Ironman!!! The only tri I've done is one sprint back in the summer but I loved it. Go read Carolina John's report from his first half-iron and I promise you'll be inspired and want to do one too. It will be quite awhile before I can tackle this goal, but one day I will do it.

We had a busy weekend working around the house and in the yard, so now I'm off to catch up with all of your blogs and see what ya'll have been up to!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow Maternity pants ...UGH!! So I had lots of luck with Motherhood maternity and Old Navy, both carry LONG pants, well hit and miss, but you can get lucky. I also did lots of stretchy waisted skirts, but this time of year that may be a bit cold and tights are out of the question..

What a GREAT goal!! Ambitious Mama..that is what I like to hear!!

Jess said...

The Be Band is great, and you may find it comes in handy again after the baby is born since you again find yourself too small for maternity pants but too big for regular pants. And, I agree with Mel: Motherhood Maternity has lots of great styles, and I bought a lot from Old Navy too.

joyRuN said...

Any longer on this taper 7 I'm gonna need one of those BeBands ;)

My hub's sweat pants came in handy for a while too.

RunningLaur said...

I've never seen anything like the B band, it seems so functional!

And woo half ironman!!! That's something fantastic to look forward to!

kilax said...

The Be Band is so neat! I bet it saves women a lot of money.

I hope you start feeling better soon :)

And yay, a Half Ironman! That sounds so fun!

MCM Mama said...

Wish they'd had that band when I was preggers with Jones!

With Shoo I found a decent amount of stuff at Old Navy, but I was mostly in maternity in the summer with both, so no real good suggestions.

Lindsay said...

i could go for some maternity pants! they look comfy. i'd be afraid of the ponytail holder popping off and shooting someone in the eye, haha.

you are very ambitious - aiming for a halfiron already!! i know you can do it though.

Anonymous said...

Those pants look cute! Half iron man? um, no thanks! LOL But, I can't swim....

Marlene said...

I have an odd fascination with maternity clothes... I want to wear those belly pants. :p

Exciting goal!!!

kristen said...

Wow - I had no idea. That's kinda funny you've been walking around with a ponytial holder holding your pants up. Very clever! I always thought those things were attatched to the pants. Sorry you not feeling well enough to run :(

Tanya said...

You will love the panel maternity pants when you're bigger. It gets irritating to wear just the stretchy band pants when you've got a big belly.

I too like the Be bands from Target. Very handy all around.

If you are into it, try thrift shops for maternity clothes, they are great places because the stuff can be expensive! Also Burlington Coat factory has some stuff. My favorite store was Forever 21 though--I went in with some younger friends and I was mocking it, but came out with a lot of tops I wore through the end of my pregnancy. It felt good to look cute while I was huge.

A half ironman is something I want to work up to as year I'm going to try triathlons to make sure I like them before I embark on the half ironman!

Carolina John said...

i love maternity pants. i like to wear kelley's old maternity pants when we go out to eat at buffett's or after a long 15 mile + run. they are comfortable and grow with me as i eat. see if rich will wear some to thanksgiving dinner this year. he will love it.

Alisa said...

Maternity wear! At least it's come a long way since our Mom's had us---those days the clothes were fugly!!

OOOOOOOOOh 70.3!!! I just signed up for one July 31, 2010!!!!!!!! I'm both scared and excited all at the same time.