Friday, July 3, 2009

Signed up for a Sprint-Tri

It's only 6 weeks away, and neither of us have ever swam much more than from one end of a pool to the other, usually with a detour by the swim-up bar for cocktails, so it should be interesting.

We will be heading to the beach in the morning for a 30 minute swim attempt, followed by 30 minutes of biking. So this is a dumb question, but what do you do? Just wade out til it's deep enough and start swimming in one direction, then turn around and swim back? I also have no idea what to wear. Do I need a hair cap thingy? goggles? Then do you bike in the same clothes you swam in, or like swim in a bathing suit then put shorts on to bike? I'm clueless about all things tri, except now we have a $110 charge to the Visa that says I better get un-clueless in the next 6 weeks.

Wish us luck haha:)


kristen said...

Wow - that's awesome.

First the swim: you need goggles. Tinted is best because the reflection from the sun off the water is blinding. Swim cap FOR SURE. They will most likely give you one in a fashionably hideous color like hot pink, flourecent green etc...I always wear a good quality SILICONE swim cap underneath. Trust me - your hair will appreciate it (unless you like having half your hair ripped out by the cheap latex one they give you. imagine when you put a rubberband in your hair in desperate times and how horrible it is to get it out.)

I always swim in a pair of tri shorts and sports bra - then once I get out of the water put a shirt on over the sports bra during transition.

Lots for you to resarch online. Good luck with the open water swim. It is fun, but a little freaky at first. I usually start every OWS by literally putting my head underwater and breathing to get comfortable with it. Just imagine the line that is in the pool as you swim.

This is so exciting. Can't wait to hear about the training!!

RunningLaur said...

Wow good luck! Wish I could give some advice, but that's all new to me!

MCM Mama said...

Wow! Good luck! Keep posting about it, as I've never done one and would love to learn from your experience. ;o)

Aka Alice said...

Oh were looking for advice and now you've got a third comment saying "whee! congrats! can't wait to see what you find out cuz I've never done one either!" (add me to that list).

But seriously, make sure you report EVERYTHING you find out because I want to know too!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's awesome. Sorry, no advice, I am not much of a swimmer. Good luck though!

Marlene said...

I have absolutely no advice for you, but that's so exciting! Good luck!

Jess said...

Congrats on signing up!

I know zero about tris, so I'm no help, sorry!

Southbaygirl said...

I've done one reverse tri-and had a blast! And I was clueless as well!!!

I ran then biked and then swam-and since I was clueless I ran and biked in my suit and bike shorts-in hindsight, I think a tri suit would be WAY more comfy! Worth the money! but it depends if you want to spend the $$$. I road on a hybrid bike with nubby tires-lost so much time, but yet again I didn't want to buy a road bike if I didn't enjoy myself-so I've put slicks on my hybrid,a tiny step before investing $$$ on a road bike or a tri bike. I have only done one-want to do another again soon!

As for open water swim-hell no you'll never catch me in the ocean, but maybe a lake!

I would get a swim cap-but I have SO much hair so it's worth it for me!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

WOW!!! That's so exciting! I will be doing my try-a-tri next month, but from the talks in our clinic, yes to the cap and goggles, yes to wearing the same clothing for all 3 disciplines. Good luck with the OWS... have you been doing bricks too (bike/run?) Can't wait to hear about it!

Abby said...

That's exciting!

When I've done tri's, I wear tri shorts and a speedo in the water, and then just pull on a shirt after the swim. If you're, um, more-endowed, then you'll probably want something a little more supportive for the run. The one time I wore a wetsuit, I just wore my tri shorts and a sports bra underneath and then transitioned into a bike jersey and then a running shirt, but that was an ironman. For a sprint, you'll probably be fine keeping the same clothes on, at least for the bike and run.

In terms of the swim, depending on the number of people, be prepared for a fair bit of jostling. If you're less comfortable in the water, try to steer clear of the middle of the pack. Usually the race director will give some tips at the start about how to avoid the franticness.

If you're going to change clothes from bike to run, make sure you get a race belt so that your number is easily transferred without you having to unpin it and whatnot.

Enjoy the training :) Feel free to post more specific questions as you go!

Carolina John said...

you're going to love it. tri's are incredibly addicting. Give us some more details! There's a sprint on james island in august that i'm trying to talk my brother into doing.

a swim cap would be nice but not needed for your practice swims. Googles are a must, and get some tinted like sunglasses. the secret to finding goggles that fit is to try them on in the store. if they create suction around your eye without having the strap around your head then they will not leak. and when you find them, get two pairs. if you only bring one pair to the race the strap will break when you are getting ready. murphy's law says so.

for your first tri race the goal should be to finish and enjoy the experience. so take as much time as you need in transition. i throw bike shorts over my swimsuit and put on the shirt with my race number and bike shoes in t1.

then in t2 i just have to switch to running shoes and throw off the bike shorts. tuesday is my birthday and i'm hoping to get an actual tri suit so i won't have to change clothes at all in transition. i'm doing at least 2 more tri's this year, the greenville sprint in august and the b2b half iron in november.

Kristin @ The Southern Summer said...

Hahaha! You sound just like me. I have no clue. Last time I swam laps was in high school, and on the way back from the pool I wrecked my car so I pretty much gave up swimming right then and there.

I would like to get back into it though and I was thinking about doing one of those sprint tri's....but I dunno.

Plus I don't like the idea of swimming with gators :)

Y'all will have fun tho! Congrats on taking the plunge and signing up.

Kristin @ The Southern Summer said...

...but as far as advice, from some friends of mine who have done definitely need bike shorts. Definitely need goggles. A tri suit is probably the best way to go but I hear they can get pricey. I would wear a swim cap just because with long hair it would make it much easier...and that's about all I've got.

Can't wait to hear more about it!

Lindsay said...

wow! very ballsy :) i like it. i love how you are as unsure about it as i would be and yet you signed up anyway! i've never done one so i have no advice to give, sorry, but good luck and look forward to hearing more about it!

Alisa said...


Get goggles and a swim cap, you'll be happy you did. For the swim cap don't get a Latex one, it is likely to rip straightaway.

I've done a couple of swim/bikes but I find the thing that is the hardest to get used to is the bike/run. My legs didn't so much feel tired just jello-y and I've heard it's really easy to sprain ankles/trip b/c the legs are jello-y. I've been doing my "bricks" on a treadmill.

Aron said...

VERY exciting!!! I am sure you will do awesome :)

joyRuN said...

I hear you about being grumpy about the holiday on your previous post - I had to work the entire weekend, so no festivities over here either :(

GOOD LUCK with your tri training! I freak out in open water, so none of that for me without hefty doses of xanax first :)

kilax said...

I am selfishly reading the tri tip comments and mentally storing them!

I bet you are going to do great on your first sprint tri! I bet you'll get hooked ;)

RunToTheFinish said...

wow way to just dive in to it, literally!! I think that is so great you are up for the challenge.

i haven't done one yet, so no advice from this corner!

N.D. said...

Oh man, I wanna sign up for one too. That's awesome!

SDrunner said...

Doing a Tri is definitely on my todo list, after completing my first marathon. But I am taking baby steps in this process. I've completed a couple of 5Ks and 10K last week, next up will be a half, but not any time soon.

Good luck on your TRI training though, sounds like you'll have a good time!

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