Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Beth and Granny, and Happy early Mother's Day Mom and Celia

My family reads my blog so I wanted to take today to send them some love this week.

Tuesday was my Aunt Beth's birthday, I think she turned 29 :) She is my mom's only sister and they are best friends. It is pretty funny because they have always lived beside each other, then about a year ago Beth moved a mile up the street to a new subdivision. A few months later, my parents bought the house 2 doors down and moved too so they are still neighbors. We grew up super close, always having family dinners at least once a week. I saw my aunt Beth and her son Bobby, and my grandparents all the time which was really nice.

Here's a pic of Beth taken when she and my parents came to Charleston for a visit. She's about to take an Oyster Shooter.

And today is my Granny's birthday...she is turning 85 years young! She is amazing, still out doing things in her yard, cooking, running her own errands, and being ornery from time to time. Let me tell you a funny story about her. I was on dance team in high school which kept me in decent shape, then my first couple years of college I didn't work out much and apparently my legs weren't very muscular. Mother's Day weekend my 2nd year in college the whole family was at Granny's house for lunch, and she had made homemade strawberry ice cream. YUM! Well we're sitting there eating lunch and she reaches over and pokes my thigh and says "Your legs are soft, they used to be hard." Then she wanted to know why I didnt want any ice cream...umm...helloooo?? You just called me a mush-ball. Anyway, she meant no harm by it but that's just a funny example of how my Granny will call 'em like she sees 'em. It is probably just payback because when I was a little girl I thought it was fun to jiggle her tricep flab:) I have to say one very important lesson I learned from Granny is to never stop learning. She is an avid reader, and loves to do Sudoku and crosswords. If we were reading together and ran across a word I didn't know, we would go get the dictionary down and look it up. So thanks Gran for helping to instill my love of learning new things.

Here's a pic taken in Gran's living room on Christmas morning in '07. I don't have any more recent pics on this computer, but she still looks the same. Granny, now you're famous--your picture is on the internet!

I would also like to say Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mom. She is the best mom a girl could ask for, and is such a good sport because our family is always picking on her for various things and she takes it like a champ. She is very tech un-savvy, and was baffled by cell phones for the longest time. If my dad's phone rang, and she was going to answer it she would hold it at arm's length away from her and would push the buttons so hard I'm suprised it didn't bruise her fingers. We kept explaining that just because the buttons were small and easy to push, they would still work if you pushed them gently. She has gotten better, and now even has her very own pink flip-phone that she knows how to make and receive calls on, I'm not sure if she can check voicemail. Oh and forget about texting!:) I know that when I have kids, I will be a good mom because I have such a good role model to look up to. Thanks for all you did, and continue to do for me. I love you! Sorry Tanner broke your present:( And sorry I just mailed your card today so it may not be there by Sunday:(
This pic is of mom and I on our trip to San Francisco last summer.

And last but not least, a big Happy Mother's Day to my mother in law Celia. I hear girls complain about their MILs and am so lucky that mine is wonderful! She is sweet and fun, and I love hanging out with her. She raised a great son that I am proud to call my husband. Oh yeah, and she makes a mean margarita and loves to dance!!

This pic is of us over the holidays this year. The guys all shot skeet, and the girls came along for moral support.


Jess said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful family!

Abby said...

This is a sweet post!

Happy Birthday and Mother's Day to your family :)

Amy said...

Aw, cute photos of you all!! :) :)

Marlene said...

Love the family pics. Happy Birthday Aunt Beth & Granny!

Carolina John said...

yea i get along really well with my mil too. it's a blessing, really.

i have a friend who's mil lives with them, and they hate hate hate each other. i think it's histerical.

Happy mother's day to you and allyour familY!

Lindsay said...

yay for the family and happy birthday to all :) too funny about grandma's tricep flab, it does sound like a little payback ;)

Middle-of-the-Pack Girl said...

That is a wonderful post. Your grandmother looks amazing,you should tell her complete strangers say so! Like you, I am lucky to have a great MIL, and I also have a mom that used to not have a clue what to do with a cell phone too. Then we bought one for her one year and now she can't get enough of it. Although it still has my voice on her voicemail (smile, she didn't know how to set it up), and sometimes my voicemails get returned to me if they don't get listened to for 30 days....but luckily those times are fewer and further in between now!