Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goals and Plans for 2009

Drum roll please.....the moment we've all been waiting for has arrived. The unveiling of the 2009 plans/dreams/wishes/etc.

1. Run 4 half marathons: Myrtle Beach on Feb 14th, Napa to Sonoma on July 19th, and the remaining to our still TBA depending on numerous factors.

2. Run at least 500 miles

3. Go to yoga at least once every other week

4. Go to spin at least once every other week

6. Strength train at least once weekly

5. Try at least 3 new recipes each month

6.Significantly decrease the consumption of delicious beverages of the caffeinated, sugary and/or alcoholic varieties.

7. Send Christmas cards (I have never done this...always been too lazy)

8. Move or be in the process of moving back to Arkansas

9. Get knocked up

10. Read at least 30 books

11. Actually track my progress so I'll know how I did this time next year.

Whew, it simultaneously exausts and scares me to think of all that. It should shape up to be a very exciting year, one way or the other! Today we are off to the Polar Plunge on Sullivans Island. All last week when it was almost 80 degrees out we thought it was a great plan, but I got up this morning to frozen water in the dog bowls and began rethinking that plan. But apparently Richard really wants to so we're going for it, and it is definitely something I've never done before so after today I'll be able to cross that off the bucket list. I never did get to run yesterday. By the time I got home from work and the chiropractor, it was dark and I was feeling crummy again so we just laid low and watched a couple movies. We did stay awake to watch the ball drop and the countdown in Times Square, but I wasn't even up for drinking any champagne (in case you haven't noticed, that is very ouf of character!). Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2009.


Kim said...

Happy New Year!

That's a buncha goals! Here's to a great 2009 of knocking them all off your list.

Lindsay said...

i agree, you have a lot of goals! but they are well-defined and come with their own motivation. good luck as you chase them all down in the coming months!

Anonymous said...

Looks like am amazing list! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Good luck in 2009.

Aron said...

awesome goals!!!

maybe we can meet up in napa??? that should be a FUN race :)

happy new year!

Marlene said...

Happy New Year and good luck with each and every goal!

Brian said...

Nice goals. Number 9 is a winner, haha.

Happy New Year!!

The Pink Chick said...

I love your list! You made me giggle when you listed "get knocked up". How cute are you! I also wanted to get pregnant in 2009, but I think I am going to wait until 2010. I'm such a chicken!

Meg said...

I'm the same way about the Christmas cards. It sounds like your goals are very well-rounded! Happy New Year!

Denise said...

#9 was funny! Good luck with that!

Dad said...
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Dad said...

That # 9 is a winner, I can't wait for Little Alan Morris to get here. # 8 is great, that lot next door to us has yalls name all over it!