Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spinning, Jogging and lip stuff

Yay, I've actually gotten my workouts in 2 days in a row! Yesterday I went to Spin class and it was wonderful. I know some people hate spinning. They think that sitting in a dark room riding a bike to nowhere for an hour sounds like torture. And I would agree, it is torturous...but I love it! It does help that I have the world's best instructor, IMO. She comes prepared with motivational speeches and pep talks for every class, and she will push you harder than you wanted to go. But afterwards you are so glad she did. It is a great cardio workout, and I'm really enjoying it on cross-training days. Rich walked Maura as his cross-training, he's a great foster dad!
Today we went to Sullivan's Island for our 3.5 miler. It was nice and sunny out, but a little cool and very breezy. We stayed at our usual pokey pace (he could go faster, but I'm more a tortoise than a hare) of about 11:00-11:30 min miles. The legs were a little sore from yesterdays spin, but overall it felt great.
On an unrelated note, our computer system crashed for a while tonight. Yep, I work in a hospital. Said computer system is vital for getting life-saving medications to patients, you'd think it would be a bit more reliable than it has proven to be. Way to go McKesson, you rock! So in my downtime I decided to clean out my tote bag. Here's what I found...

That is 6 lip products that I have accumulated this workweek, and yes it is only Wednesday. These are some of my fav products, so let's go over them. From left to right: Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss in unknown flavor (label has rubbed off) it is a nice purply sparkle that tastes yummy. It was a gift from Richard in my stocking last Christmas. It's a miracle I have kept up with it this long! Next is Clinique High Impact lipcolor in Afterparty, another purple sparkler but this one is much darker and naughtier (get it, afterparty). It is a great fall color, and also has SPF 15, love it! Next up is Bare Escentuals lipguards in Stinson Beach. It is my favorite SPF lipgloss for beach days, it is a neutral shade with a yummy lemon flavor. Then we have a fav plumper at a bargain price-Sexy Motherpucker from Target in Nude. Altho, it is not really nude, more of a mauve. It gives you that good lip-tingle that makes you think it's working, even tho your lips only look plumper because they are now shiny from the gloss. Still, it's a fav. Then we have 2 basic balms for when you don't want or need color (not sure when this is, other than bedtime). Softlips spf20 in Vanilla flavor, and the cult favorite Burt's Bees original Beeswax Lip Balm. Not the pomegranite, not the lifeguard version...the original! Rich introduced me to this when we were dating. He was never without a tube, and it was hard to find then so we had to stock up when we could find it. Now it's everywhere, but we still love it just as much. It's minty, moisturizing. The only thing it lacks is SPF, so I use it as the bedtime balm. There you have it folks, that's about 1/10th of my total lipstick/gloss/balm/etc inventory. Can you imagine a life with no lip stuff? No way!

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