Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Biggest Loser-Why is evil Vicky still on the ranch?

<-------------This is evil Vicky who unfortunately is still at the Biggest Loser Ranch. I love The Biggest Loser. It is the only reality-type show that I watch religiously, and I have watched every season so far. This season I like the contestants a lot less than usual, at least a couple of the girls--they are very unlikeable...ok, they are manipulative, money-grubbing biatches!!! Last night I thougth Amy was going to stick to her guns and vote Vicky off, but after the week of harrassment Amy got from voting Vicky's hubby off last week, she caved and voted off sweet Colleen. Amy, bad move girl! Vicky played you, she would not hesitate to stab you in the back if it would put her ahead in the game. Evil Vicky--go home, you don't even care about being healthy, you just want the money! Whew, now I feel better to have that off my chest. It's not like I know these people, but you do get really involved in their lives after watching them week after week and everytime Vicky, or Heba for that matter, are on the screen, I have the urge to throw my shoe at the TV! Sorry for all of you non-BL fans out there because you will have no idea what I'm talking about, but if you watch BL I bet you feel the same way. Let me explain a bit about why I love this show so much. I am very interested in all things health, nutrition and fitness and that's what BL is all about. You get to see these obese people go from feeling hopeless and completely out of control to being determined and empowered. It is so inspiring to see the changes they undergo, not only physically but emotionally as they realize that they CAN be the person they dreamed of being, that they CAN do things they thought were reserved for other people but not themselves. They transform into healthy people, who can go back to their homes and communities and be role models for their families and towns. You see them struggle, because losing weight and changing your life is such a huge undertaking...but you also see them fight through it and succeed. The trainers, Bob and Jillian, are amazing people. Jillian is an in-your-face, kick-your-ass trainer with a heart of gold, while Bob comes across as a softie, that is until he makes you puke and cry during a workout. You can see that they truly care about the contestants. If you have never seen this show, I would strongly encourage you to start with the next season and watch it all the way through--whether you have weight to lose or not, you will learn something applicable to your own life.

On another note, yesterday I attempted to make my own Peppermint Mocha and it turned out pretty well so I thought I would share. I love Starbucks, but have a hard time justifiying $4-$5 more than once a week, so I restrict myself to once weekly lattes. I was really craving the peppermint mocha with this cold spell we're having, so I added a packet of fat free Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix, a little soymilk, and a couple drops of peppermint extract to my morning coffee. Delicious, and at a fraction of the calories and dollars for the 'bucks version! It would also be great with some really good quality cocoa powder.


I have been slacking on workouts this week. Last night was supposed to be 2 miles or cross-training, but I couldn't bring myself to get out of the house because it was so cold. It actually got in the 20's last night, we are not used to that here in Chucktown. Today I am recommitting to the week, and will run 3.5miles today, 3 miles tomorrow then a long run of 6 on Saturday, followed by mimosas! Hey a girl's gotta have some incentive;) Rich actually did his XT on the elliptical at the gym last night, but I was a lazy bum and stayed home. We had some yummy steaks and sweet potatoes for dinner, and hung out on the couch and had a fire in the fireplace, it was a very pleasant evening.

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RunToTheFinish said...

Seriously I too wonder how she has managed to stay on the show!! All these kind sweet people have been booted..doesn't she know people are watching and seeing how evil she is!