Monday, May 2, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Edited to add pics. Hope they work this time!
Geez, last week was tornados all across the state and this week there is serious flooding. Our main interstate is closed and underwater.

Here are a couple of pics from Vilonia, the our hardest hit town from last week's
deadly storms.

We drove through Vilonia on our way to Fayetteville this past weekend. We went up for the 10th annual crawfish boil that Rich's friends host. The first year they had the crawfish boil, I went with my college roommate and didn't even know Richard at the time. She was friends with some of his friends, but he and I never met. Small world! We left Lucy at home with my parents and had a great time eating spicy cajun food, sampling adult beverages and playing Baggo and horseshoes.

I can't believe it is May already. It is really bittersweet for me that my baby girl is going to turn one in two short weeks. I keep reminiscing about this time last year and reflecting on all the changes this year has brought us. It's been the best and most stressful time of my life.


Jess said...

Unfortunately, your pics aren't appearing for me, but I'm sure the baby pics are adorable and the storm pics devastating.

lindsay said...

not showing up for me either :(

but glad you are all ok after those crazy storms!

Alisa said...

I've been thinking about all my friends down south---scary! I'll take my earthquake threats over tornadoes any day.

How is little Lucy???????????

Sad, no pics are showing up for me either.