Monday, November 30, 2009

Ahh, glorious quickly you fly by

We had a nice long (10 day) vacation for Thanksgiving. It's been an eventful past 2 weeks so I'll spare you wordy paragraphs and give you wordy bullets instead.
  • Thurs 11/19-after work we dropped Dickson and Tanner off at boarding, loaded the car with suitcases and Fiona, hit the road.
  • Fiona got to go because we only had room to take one dog and she's the easiest to travel with and the boys don't seem to mind boarding at all.
  • Trip took 15 hours, should have only been 13 but there was a detour due to rock slides in TN
  • Fri 11/20- went to my Memaw and Pop's for breakfast and ate loads of delish homemade biscuits and gravy
  • napped
  • had friends over to my parents house for dinner. My friend Shelley brought birthday cake!
  • Sat 11/21- MY 30th BIRTHDAY!!!!!
  • celebrated by tailgating and going to the Hogs game, which we won..woooo pig soooiee!
  • further celebrated by going to dinner and watching my friends drink margaritas
  • stayed at a friend's apartment while everyone went out on the town later that night. Pregnancy makes me boring.
  • Sun 11/22-had a very low key day relaxing at my parents house
  • Mon 11/23-visited some daycares to get an idea of where we might send Baby Morris (BM...does that make it a Little Sh^!?) one day
  • Tues 11/24-saw 3 movies, yes 3! New Moon-blah, boring. Precious-dark but good. The Blind Side-excellent. Also did some shopping in between movies 1 and 2.
  • Wed 11/25-helped Mom cook all day for Thanksgiving since they host at their house every year
  • Thurs 11/26-ate, ate, ate and then ate some more. I LOVE Thanksgiving food, and really enjoyed seeing everyone.
  • Rich and I drove 2 1/2 hours south to Magnolia, AR to see his family
  • Fri 11/27-spent relaxing and hanging out with Rich's fam
  • Sat 11/28-AR/LSU game. Rich's family lives in south AR almost on the Louisiana line so they have a big party every year with lots of fans from each team. It was a great party!
  • Unfortunately we lost in overtime :(
  • Sun 11/29-after a very long 18 hours on the road (traffic and the darn rock slide again) we finally made it back to Charleston
  • Mon 11/30-OB appointment that went well, my blood pressure was great and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat.
  • drank a decaf peppermint mocha and it was fabulous
  • am working but wishing it would slow down a little so I could dive into my google reader and see what you guys have all been up to lately


kilax said...

Happy belated birthday! What a fun whirlwind of days. I can't believe you saw so many movies in one day! That sounds like fun. Did you get fresh popcorn at each showing? :)

MCM Mama said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a lovely, busy trip.

Kendra said...

Sun 11/22- stopped by Kendra's house. she was so grateful for that!! hehe

Abby said...

Happy birthday!

Triple movie days - that takes a special talent. I hope you snuck into at least one of them. I'm a big proponent of illicit double features. I learned the technique from my grandmother :)

lindsay said...

happy belated birthday! glad you guys had a good thanksgiving. :)

that stupid rockslide interferes with every trip i take home (/every 2 weeks!) grrrrrr.

Marlene said...

Happy belated Birthday and Thanksgiving! What a wonderful extended holiday!

Alisa said...

Sounds like it was a great vacation and birthday celebration!

Definitely NOT a little sh%t but BM is pretty funny =).

Lacey Nicole said...

lots going on! happy 30th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and those baby pics are incredible!

Brandi said...

Whew girl! You were busy busy!! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving even though the Hogs lost. :(

Brian said...

Happy belated BDAY! I think i may check Blindside out, been hearing good things!

Ali said...

Happy Birthday!

What a great trip and completely agree new moon - blah ... although theatre full of screaming girls very funny.

Jess said...

Happy b-day! Belatedly.

Hearing the baby's HB is one of the first truly great things you get to experience when preggo.

Tanya said...

Enjoy those movies while the babe is still in utero!

joyRuN said...

Busy busy busy!

Hope you had a great birthday (we have the same birthday)!