Tuesday, October 20, 2009

7 Weeks-Friday Oct 16

I have now known I was pregant for an entire month, and I'm only 7weeks (almost 8!) along...it's gonna be a long year. I have my first doctor's appointment on Monday and I cannot wait to get my ultrasound. I think seeing and/or hearing that heartbeat will finally make everything seem real.
I am still feeling ok, not great by any means but not terrible either. I have had no vomiting, just food aversions and some nausea here and there. For instance, all I seem to want to eat are carbs. The thought of ground turkey, grilled chicken, vegetables and salad all makes me want to hurl. Donuts and potato chips on the other hand go down just fine. Ugh!! I've been eating a lot of fruit, and a lot of junk unfortunately. I'm hoping in a couple weeks these feelings will go away and I can start eating more lean meat and veggies again. My beloved mexican food is also repulsive to me right now. We've been to Los Arcos a few times in the last month and I just nibble on some chips and salsa and drink water. The queso and pretty much everything else on the menu that I normally can't get enough of just makes me feel sick. Oh, and I am craving sushi rolls which I can't have :(

Odd cravings so far:
jelly beans-Rich went out and got me jelly bellys and I didn't have the heart to tell him that those weren't the kind I was craving. I wanted the big, old school Easter candy kind of jelly beans. Thankfully this one only lasted a day.
barbecue potato chips dipped in french onion dip-random, but delicious
fast food-I normally am not a big fast food eater, because even though I think it tastes great, I know it's unhealthy and makes me feel yucky afterward. I have been simultaneously wanting fast food and being disgusted by it, if that makes any sense.

Go away junk food cravings, come back love of salad!

I still have NO energy, which is getting really old. I basically am a zombie all day, then my mind races at night. Plus I'm up a few times a night to go to the bathroom so that doesn't help. I just don't feel like myself. I'm tired of feeling like doing nothing but laying on the couch. It's like when you take a sick day, then by the end of the day you are so antsy from laying around. I'm antsy but don't feel like doing anything. We are running a 5K tomorrow, so I'm excited about that....but not excited about the super-pokey time I'm sure I'll have. I'm shooting for 35 minutes, I think I could go faster but I'm hesitant to push myself and on my easy runs I'm clocking around 11:30 min miles.

But all these things mean my little June-bug is still growing away in there, so I am thankful for it all! By now she (I'm convinced it's a girl) has a brain, arms and legs, a pancreas and appendix, and even some pigmentation in her eyes....crazy how fast things form. Here's my 7.5 week belly, I really don't feel like it should be growing yet but it is.....uh oh!


Carolina John said...

kelley craved wendy's cheeseburgres for both pregnancy's. you may be iron defficient, she was. you get iron from eating red meat. so Steak up!

iron defficiency also causes the sluggish - no energy feelings you've been having. So much of your energy has to go into baby production you should start eating an extra 500 to 800 calories per day to make up for it. and get some red meat in there!

kelley was pregnant with twins for the first 10 weeks of the first pregnancy, then we lost the twin. it's ok, it's called a vanishing twin and is a fairly common thing. but with twins she ate solidly twice as much as she did before. and that was before she lost all the weight, so she was already eating like a fat girl. then doubled that. i was amazed at the sheer volume of food it took to feed the twins. she would actually get hungry while she was eating. it was insane.

kilax said...

It is so interesting to hear what women crave when they are pregnant! My mom craved fast food too. :)