Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lipstick Review: MAC Lavender Whip + Ever So Rich Gloss

One of the blogs in my google reader is Blogdorf Goodman, which has tons of makeup, fragrance, and fashion reviews/info. I am a beauty product junkie, and I love makeup in shades of purple so when I saw this product I had to head to the MAC counter and check it out. In the tube it definitley looks lavender, and once I put it on it did give the vague impression of corpse lips. It is not opaque however, it is very creamy and smooth and feels great on. I tried it on with the Ever so Rich cremesheen glass lipgloss on top and that sealed the deal for me. I had on a maroonish red shirt when I sampled this, and that was not a good combo. It goes much better with black, white or lighter springy colors.

Posted by PicasaHere I am modeling Lavender Whip/Ever So Rich combo. In person it looks just a bit more purple than it appears in this picture. Don't laugh at my face, it's my best America's Next Top Model face....somehow I don't think Tyra will be calling me for a contract anytime soon;)
The lipstick is moderately long lasting, probably a few hours without eating or drinking. I'm not a huge fan of the long-wear lipsticks so that is fine with me. I don't mind reapplying throughout the day. The exact shade of lavender can be varied by how much you wear, one coat will be very sheer or you can layer several coats for a truer lavender shade.
I don't like to shell out the cash for department store brand cosmetics, especially lipsticks, when there are so many great and more affordable options out there at drugstores and other discount retailers, but this duo from MAC captured my heart and I had to make it mine!
Quick running update: I went for the 6 miles for my last long run over the weekend, today is either 3 or 4, then tomorrow is 2, then a couple rest days before Saturday's half. I'm getting excited!


Alisa said...

Good luck this weekend! You'll rock it!

I like that shade. I'm a product junkie too even though I rarely wear makeup I love to collect it. I just need someone to show me how to use it =).

I will have to check out that blog!

Kendra said...

I love the picture!! Tyra would be crazy not to appreciate true "fierceness"

audgepodge said...

Ooh, I love this post! I'm a fellow make-up loving runner... I started blogging make-up on my other blog, you'll have to check it out! :)

Brian said...

Hey! Im running a half on sunday, I finally know someone running a half this weekend, haha. Good luck!