Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend Long Run

Yesterday I did this weekend's long run, another 6 miler. This one was kinda tough. I had to work until 3:30 so the run had to come after work. If I'm running or working out after work, I like to take all my gear with me and run before I go home. If I go home, it is way to easy to get off track and never make it back out again. But, yesterday I had to go home between working and running because Rich and I both worked early shifts and Emmy and Fiona had been in the crate for 7 hours already. Emmy has been doing so well with housebreaking that I didn't want her to give up on us coming to let her out and just go in her crate, plus she is on prednisone for her HW treatment and that makes her have to pee more. So I got home, took them out, made a grocery list, chugged a sugarfree Redbull, changed clothes and headed out. It was a dreary, rainy day altho the rain had stopped by the time I left. There were lots of muddy puddles so it didn't take long, ie first 2 minutes, before my feet were soaked. It was one of those runs where you have pains during the entire thing. It started out in my right knee and along the outside of my right foot, made its way to my left elbow and lower back and just kind of hung out the whole run. It took me a couple miles to "settle in" to the run and get outside of my head and actually think about things other than running. I did find $6 on the sidewalk, and although there was nobody around I felt a little guilty about taking it...maybe I'll drop it in the Salvation Army bucket the next time I see one. I had to pee starting at about mile 3, and while I probably could have ducked behind a bush, I decided to ride it out since that is a feeling I am unaccustomed to dealing with during runs. It was fine until I was finished, but as soon as I stopped running I had to go STAT...luckily by then it was dark and there were lots of wooded areas around. And for some reason I decided that I should try out some new long-wearing red lipstick on this idea why. I'm sure I looked pretty funny out there jogging through mud puddles in old running gear with Christina Aquilera lips, but for some reason I kind of enjoyed it...and the color was still there and not too dry at the is Revlon Colorstay in Red Velvet in case you feel like you need to vamp up your next long run.
After work today I'm going straight to the gym for Body Flow for stretching and strengthening, then home to make some Rum Balls, Raspberry cookie-thingys and Baked Potato Soup. If any of it turns out decently, I'll post recipes.
Next weekend we have the Reindeer Run 5k instead of a long run. I have only done a couple 5k, and my PR is somewhere in the 31-32 minute range...this time I am shooting for sub 31:00...I know, I know...I'm slow!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great job getting out there for a run.

I can't wait to hear how all your cooking went. All the items sound good.