Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Showers/Baby Stuff: tons o' pics

Girls I graduated pharmacy school with. It was so good to see them all!

Cutest cake ever, and so tasty!

Mom, me, Aunt Beth, Granny at the shower

Trying to find a "skinny pose" before my Charleston shower (the heels lasted about an hour:))
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Before a 2 mile jog at 30 weeks, taken yesterday morning.

Some of Lucy's cloth diapers. They've come a long way since I wore them as a baby. Under the diapers are some of her adorable burb cloths. Gotta love all this super cute stuff to pee, poop and puke on.
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Her temporary room, although the Pack n' Play will be moved to our bedroom once she's born. I can't wait to use that Bob!

Her 4, yes 4, diaper bags. A razorback one, a Diaper Dude for Rich, and 2 cute girlie ones for me.

Her closet, crib bedding for once we move and buy a crib is on the top, along with blankets, bobby and bumbo. Sometimes I can't believe that words like binky, bumbo and boppy are part of my vocab now. Look at all those tiny little clothes!
Her shelves
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One of many blankets, this one is so soft and the back side is pink with her initials. She also has homemade blankets made by both of her grea-grandmothers.
Razorback onesie and red tutu.

The pups lounging in the sunny spot.
For next Christmas, it's a quote from National Lampoon's Christmas vacation for those of you who may be wondering why in the world her onesie would say this.

Back view

Razorback jumper

Dad onesie, love this one! The multi-colored ruffled thing to the right in the background is a tiny little swimsuit.
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Anonymous said...

Adorable clothes! Love all the Razorback stuff too!

Btw, you look great - I love your outfit for your Charleston shower!

The Bells said...

You look amazing posing before your shower! HOT MAMA! Love the Christmas Vacation onesie. A yearly tradition at our house.

Marlene said...

You look amazing, Amanda! And WOW, look at all the goodies! Lucy is a lucky babe.

Erica said...

I love all the cute baby stuff!! How fun..

Alisa said...

Wow you look amazing! I love that green dress---maybe I can find a non-maternity one. I'm so impressed by the heels, I don't even wear them and I'm not preggers.

Baby clothes = sooooooo cute. Wish I liked babies.

Brandi said...

Girl you look amazing!! I love love the clothes!! The Christmas Vacation one is classic! I have got to find one of those!

Not too much longer! Can't wait to see pics of little Lucy!

kilax said...

You look so great! :)

It looks like you are all ready to go! Now we just want to see a little baby in all those outfits!

Jeri said...

I can't believe how CUTE you look preggo. Impressive. ;) And that cake is soooo fabulous looking. Adorable.

Jess said...

You look great!

And it looks like you got tons of wonderful stuff! Love the "Shitter's Full!" onesie!

Aka Alice said...

LOL at your daughter's closet. I swear DramaGirl has more clothes than I do anymore, and it all started when her closet looked just like Lucy's...I'm just saying.

You do look awesome!

lindsay said...

LOL love the clothes!! christmas vacation, hahaha. you are lookin' good!

Lacey Nicole said...

hahaha i'm dying at that national lampoon's one!

gosh you look FAB in that belted dress!!!!!!!!!! gorgeous!!!!

love the name lucy!!!!!!!!!!!

Rahel said...

you look so great, Amanda! adorable! the room looks great.....everything is just great! :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

WOW!!! Love all the pics! You look great!

kristen said...

Awesome pictures! She already has more clothes than me. Thanks for sharing!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

ohhh cool cake!! Sorry had to start there cause I"m a sweets freak. You still look so darn cute!

Tricia said...

you are too cute!

Ali said...

Baby Lucy has more stuff than me!

You look amazing!

Anonymous said...

your posture looks amazing..
and the stuff's were really cool!!

Elaine from Baby Products

Robin said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Looks like an amazing shower! And I LOVE the 'shi**er' onesie. LMBO! :-) Saw your message over at the Turtles blog re: Nov Half...Um, yes I'm thinking you will have your hands full w/ Baby Lucy, but if you get the itch, we'd LOVE for you (and family unit) to join us! I was thinking about you this weekend, while at my niece's 1st birthday party. My other sister was there and looking mighty preggers. Was telling her about you, and how close you guys are. (Her due date is May 25, which I had to ask AGAIN, but she says she's shooting for closer to May 15.) We'll see.... We've got her baby shower for 'Baby Tyler(?)' (name still in debate) April 10th. She reads my blog, so I'm going to send her a link to your shower post. You look great! (and heels?? I don't wear those now!)

HUGS from (a wet and gray) Orlando!

N.D. said...

soo cute = you have tons of stuff!

Anne said...

Congrats! You look beautiful and I love seeing pregnant moms who run :)