Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Bullets

  • Finally feel like I'm back in the running groove

  • Ran 3 miles Monday, went to Spin and Body Flow Tuesday, ran the bridge (5 miles, with a huge hill) today

  • If you're wondering why it's taking me forever to read Eragon, it's because I'm reading about 5 books at a time.

  • I think I'll start doing short book reviews when I finish them

  • Rich and I saw Taken-loved it! The girl is really cheesy the way she flails around and calls her mom and dad "mommy" and "daddy," but it is really exciting and in my opinion a great thriller.

  • Still have not resolved the Paypal issue where I payed for P90X twice

  • still have not received P90X, although we did get the chin up bar today

  • We are spring-cleaning, going through clutter and junk room-by-room..yuck!

  • Saturday we found a 12 year old yellow lab, he stayed with us Saturday night. Sunday morning we made a sign, and as we were going to put it up we saw a sign for a missing lab, we called it was him. The couple said they got him when the were engaged, they have been married for 11 years, they cried when they saw him.

  • He limped and has cataracts but still tried to get frisky with Fiona (our boxer). She gave him the don't-touch-me-you-dirty-ole-perv smackdown.

  • I'm thinking of signing up for this but I'm scared it might kill me. It is on my 30th birthday, and is about an hour from Vegas. It would be awesome to say I ran past this beautiful scenery and completed my first marathon on my 30th.

  • I live at sea level, this could be a problem.

  • Sorry for the bullets, I'm feeling lazy today.


Melanie said...

glad you found the owner for the dog... too sweet :) I say go for the race!!! Easy for me to say, i know lol

Kristin said...

Hey it's actually okay, we might be doing a different relay...people were worried about this one because it was the inaugural race.

SO: We have two options, the Wild West Relay in Colorado August 7-8, and the Green Mountain Relay in Vermont June 20-21st. Take a looksy and let me know what you think :)

mCM Mama said...

Ooh, did you run the bridge over to Patriot Point? I ran that when we were there in September. It was six miles round trip from our hotel, over the bridge, and back. Quite a workout!

Glad you found the dog's owners!

Marlene said...

It must have been wonderful to reunite that couple with their dog.

kilax said...

We liked Taken too, but I was disappointed that the girl didn't act any different towards her dad in the end. She stilled seemed... immature.

That was so nice of you to take in the lab. I am happy you found the owners!

I think the half marathon on your bday sounds like a wonderful idea! Or would you do the full, since it's in November? What a great treat. I found a 5K to run in Chicago the day before my bday. I thought that would be a nice present to myself ;)

lindsay said...

what a sweet story about the dog! glad you helped him find his way home.

hope you get p90x soon / straightened out soon, and go for the race! you can train by running the bridge 12x a day? what a treat:)

Anonymous said...

I can't wiat for the book reviews and you'll have to do one for P90X too. The marathon looks beautiful, just do it!

Aunt Beth said...

Amanda, go for the race in Vegas. I will talk your mom & dad into coming with me & we will all celebrate your birthday & the race.

Carolina John said...

arizona in november? and those hills? that could be really tough. but it could also be a great way to celebrate your 30th.

i'm headed to charleston tomorrow for the weekend. gotta help my brother run some cable in his house on james island. i've also got to squeeze in a 12 mile run and 20 miles on the bike. sounds like fun, huh? maybe i'll see you guys around.

Kim said...

I like bullets.

You're so kind to pick up the lab and it must have been so exciting to see the owner's so excited to see old perv again.

And YES! Sign up for that marathon on your birthday. There is nothing more fun.

Marcy said...

OMG! You had to pay for p90x twice? Man I'd be so heated! Hopefully you get that resolved soon!

aron said...

so glad you found the dogs home!!

i say go for the race!! you can do it!!! on your birthday too would be so fun :)

leslie said...

I think you'll LOVE P90X1

Breadcrumb Runner said...

I say go for the marathon! :)

Abby said...

Hi Amanda - thanks for your note!

Glad to hear that you liked Taken - my husband and I were just talking yesterday about whether we wanted to see it.

RunToFinish said...

I told david he might need to put me down for all my injuries, but he said he thought he'd keep me so I think it was very nice to care for that poor pooch.

it's always fun to pick races with great views!

Denise said...

Hi!! 20in24 is a running event in Philly. I entered as a lone ranger which means I run as many 8.4 mile loops as I can in 24 hours. My goal is 50 miles, we'll see how it goes!! I'm allowed pacers if you want to join me on a lap!

Brian said...

That is awesome you found the dogs owners! Do the race if you feel up for it, would be a heck of a Bday gift!