Monday, November 24, 2008

The Weekend

Better put your feet up and get comfy, this is gonna be a long one. We'll start with Twilight. I liked it, I didn't love it but I didn't expect to. I went in with the realistic expectation that it would not be as good as the book. All in all I thought the actors did a great job representing their characters, and the story stuck closely to the book. There were a few cheesy parts, like Edward's quote to Bella to "Hold on Spider-monkey." The Edward from the book would never ever have said that, but it did make me laugh so I didn't mind too much. I think the discrepancy that bothered me the most was movie-Edward's hairy chest. It is NOT supposed to be hairy. It is mentioned repeatedly in the 4-book series that his chest is smooth and perfect as marble. I'm not sure why but that really bugged me! I managed to stay awake for the whole thing, which is an accomplishment. We were definitely some of the oldest people there. When Edward came onscreen for the first time, there was a collective gasp from all the girls in there. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think he's that hot. I am not digging the pale face, looks like he's wearing matte red lipstick look. We got home at 2:30, and after taking all the dogs out for one last bathroom break it was around 3am by the time I got to sleep. I was not a happy camper when my alarm went off at 5:30...2 1/2 hours of sleep just doesn't cut it! But, it was my birthday so that put me in a good mood and made me forget about being sleepy.

The great girls that I work with brought in bagels for breakfast, and a huge delicious birthday cake. Thanks K-dawg and Flea! Then Rich and I went out for Italian that night. We were definitely acting like old fogies because we got there at like 5pm and were out of there and home by 7. It was great though, we both had yummy pasta and split a bottle of wine. Then Rich had some chocolate cake for dessert, and I had a piece of wonderful pumpkin cake. It was a great day!

Saturday morning we got up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after our early night Friday. It was cold, but for some reason I decided to run in my running skirt and a thin long-sleeved top. I hate running all bundled up in pants, gloves, hat, etc. It's a good thing it rarely gets too cold here! We drove out to Folly Beach to run along the roads there. Rich pulled ahead of me, so I just listened to my ipod and enjoyed the gorgeous sunny but cold morning. We did a 6 miler, 3 miles out and back. I felt good but stayed in my comfort zone for the first 3 miles to make sure I had the energy for the 2nd half. The first half was running into the wind and it was freezing. I saw several other people running in all their cold-weather gear and I felt like a big dummy for my lack of clothes. After the turn-around the wind was to my back and the sun on my face so it was much more comfortable. I pushed myself and ran just faster than comfortable for miles 3-5, and then even harder for mile 6. I finished up with an average pace of 11:20, which for me is excellent. I would love to go out and run sub 10-min miles, but that is just the kind of runner/jogger I am. I get there, it just takes me a while. We joke that we get our money's worth out of entry fees because it takes us longer than a lot of other people to finish :) Then we went and met some of my girlfriends from work at the Lost Dog Cafe for brunch and mimosas. Saturday night we went to our good friends the Shields' house for dinner. ES is almost 8 months pregnant and cute as she can be. Our other good friends the Ducky-larsons came over with their adorable 10month old Elliot. We all ate, drank and had a great time hanging out in front of the fireplace.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day, just hanging out at the house. We did go to Body Pump and can barely move today!

Emmy is doing great with her housetraining, she has not had an accident in her crate in several days so I think she has finally figured it out. She now knows sit, down, stay, and shake! I'll be taking her this week for her first injection of her heartworm treatment. Hopefully she'll tolerate it well and won't be too sore or sick.

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Kendra said...

sounds like you had a great birthday weekend! good for you!